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  • Etec

    What do you guys think about the ETEC motors?Is a four stroke a far better choice?

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    I considered Evinrude Etec and Honda. After weighing the pros and cons I went with Honda. Etec is kinda new and is on the bleeding edge of lubrication. Honda technology has been around almost forever. I'd also consider Yamaha four strokes.


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      I ran a 50 hp E-tec for 3 years on a 19' Klamath GTX and thought it was one of the better engines I've ever owned (that's out of 13 boats over the years) I don't like the price of the XT100 oil ($55 a gallon) but that motor barely burned any so it wasn't too painful.Mechanically--never had any problem at all..
      No expierence with the larger E-tecs


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        do you guys think a four stroke is more reliable?


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          I twin Yamaha 4 strokes on my old boat. They were tricky to start, one of them in particular and it was brand new. I remember a couple of times when i had to run on one engine until i could get the other started.

          My current boat has etecs. I had one issue withnit last summer with rpm surging in the harbor but once i got into open water it ran up fine and hasnt acted up since. I have about 100 hours and one season on them. They are great engines, are click-bang starters, dont smoke, have big power especially out of the hole, and dont burn much xd100 and if you shop around it can be had for $31/gallon in bulk. My burn rate is about 70:1 on my 300 and upwards of 100:1 on my 65. The price of the oil is probably a wash compared to 4 stroke maintenance (oil chgs, timing belts, valve adjustments). Suggest you check out etecownersgroup dot com - you will get good information from other owners and a good support network.


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            Here's a link from the ETEC forum about meeting owners expectations:


            Good luck.


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              This will be the third season running a 50hp Etec on my 16' Aluma-fab. So far I am extremely pleased with the motor.



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                They make less noise than a Optimax, more noise than a Honda. Get better fuel consumption than a Honda but not as good as the Optimax.
                This statement based on 200 hp motors running in similar boats down the Yukon and up the Koyukuk for about 110 hours. The nice thing about the Etec is it can be set up to run on the plain jane TCW III oil.


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                  The biggest problem I see with Etecs is all of the Honda and Yamaha guys up here asking why you got an Etec. They are fine. You will find some people love them and some people think you are crazy to consider them. It comes down to a personal choice. Yes, you burn some expensive oil, but you don't have to change crankcase oil either. What is it they say, no maintenance for 300 hours? Also, they are not a new technology, they have to have been around for almost 10 years at this point. If you have a good local dealer, they are a good option.
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                    Originally posted by jrogers View Post
                    The biggest problem I see with Etecs is all of the Honda and Yamaha guys up here asking why you got an Etec. .

                    Hey JR!...i think that is smack bang on!!..i remember you told me that in the build thread a few months back!...i have repeated your response numerous times since to questions why are they not yamamahas!!.... so far i have only 20 hours on my etecs--and love them( is that possible?)!!... .we have 7 weeks of boat time coming up this summer-will have more to say about them then!....thanks larry
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                      I've owned all three brands over the years - all have been outstanding motors. Currently have an E-Tec 175 and it's the best motor I've seen yet - absolutely love it. Easy starting, very low oil consumption (configured for and using XD100), and much lower fuel consumption than the others make it great, in addition to performance - torque and hole shot is simply ridiculous. I rigged mine with a pair of the 4" I-Command gauges (OEM'd by Lowrance) and holy cats does it give you a ton of information. You can also tie it into chartplotter, GPS, etc and have engine stats reported on the big color screen. Newer models (2010 and later I believe) come with an extra integrated onboard fuel filter system that doubles as a "fuel quality/water in the fuel rail" sensor and alarm array to ensure you are able to keep an eye on fuel quality. Mine is an 08' and had it retrofitted with the kit for about $100 last summer.

                      For a good chuckle, check this out:


                      I'd feel comfortable with any of the three brands mentioned, but if I was to pick it'd be an E-Tec hands down.


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