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Twentymile RR Bridge & Ramp Photos

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  • Twentymile RR Bridge & Ramp Photos

    Stopped at bridge and took some pictures yesterday.
    Both photos taken 5/9 at low tide with river running low at 600 cfs

    RR Bridge:

    Old pilings above bridge are gone.
    Sand bar built up down from 3rd opening from the right (east).
    I used to use the 3rd opening.
    Looks like need to use 4th opening and then make a sharp turn to head upriver.


    Tire tracks along edge of road fill show only route without a mud canyon or cliff.
    Looks tricky when route is partially/fully submerged at higher tide.
    Appears only one person could launch or retreive at a time .............

    Please post any other comments helpful to Twentymile River boaters.

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    looks like they fixed the ramp alittle bit it was steep last week
    Do I give my friends advice? Jesus, no. They wouldn't take advice from me. Nobody should take advice from me. I haven't got a clue about anything..


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