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    Just wanted to share a picture of reed failure, this is from a 250 sportjet

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    I had all of mine replaced last year; it took the dealership a long time to figure out the problem.
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      thanks for the pic...I hope I never get the chance to take a pic like that myself...
      pull my finger....


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        Is the golden colored stuff normal? And we're looking at the failure as the broken pieces on the reed on the left and the small edge pieces missing on another reed? Some thing else I should be seeing?Did the motor still run? Where did the pieces go? Is there more internal damage? Is there some indication before there is a total failure? Are these reeds on some kind of change out schedule? Are the 175 and 200 similar?Thank you.


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          The gold color is due to me poor photo. The motor still ran, no other damage evident. Usually with one petal gone the motor doesn't idle as well and is down a few rpm up top. Usually once one petal let's go others follow, broken pieces of stainless can score cylinders and damage piston and combustion chambers. I have seen them fail at 150 hours on motors that have been run hard. They last longer if not ran hard . The 200 and 175 use ss reeds also. The 240 used composite reeds. Many people have good luck with aftermarket reeds.


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            Is this issue exclusive to SJs, or Optimax OBs as well?
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