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    looking at getting a set of oars to do the back drifting thing on the little su, got a 16ft jon what length of oars do I need, thanks

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    I used this formula for my oars (16/48 Modified Vee hull Jon) and it worked great. My boat rows very nicely.

    Shaw & Tenney Oar Length Formula for Correctly Fitted Oars
    • Inboard length of the loom equals the span between the oarlocks + 2"
    • Total length of oar equals 1/7 of inboard length multiplied by 25
    • Leverage Ratio is 7:18
    • Distance from the center of leather to end of grip equals 7/25 of the total length of the oar
    For some pictures and detail go to:

    What is your beam?
    If it is 48" you should end up with oars that are pretty close to mine. I'll measure my oars when I get home and let you know what I ended up with.


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