Who's Up For A Fishing Float Down the Lower Kenai ?



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  • Who's Up For A Fishing Float Down the Lower Kenai ?

    Finally some of the launches are open on the lower Kenai.Most of the water is running low and slow,maybe too low in places.Now is the time to kayak this river before the water gets much higher and all the powerboats take it over.Plus ,from other posts it sounds like the kings are on the way in.May not be great numbers yet,but hey,it only takes one to make for an outstanding day.
    The tide will be low at - 1.0 ft at 2:46 pm on Saturday,topping out at 17.4 ft by 8:22 pm.Pillars state park launch is open now and tide water starts just below there.A group could launch at Pillars and drift/float/fish down to Cunningham Park (which could be a little muddy) or go on down to the city launch in Kenai.Total time on the water probably close to 6 or 8 hours.
    By going with a small group we could have rigs at the top and bottom for shuttling peeople and gear each way.There is also the safety factor in case of any trouble on the water.Plus when I catch that 50 pounder it'll be nice to have someone on a net.
    So any takers---or just talkers. PM me for coordination.I'm gonna make this happen.:topjob:

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    Sounds like FUN! Let me check marine forecast at 4pm and I will make the call for Deep Creek or Kenai. I WILL be fishing somewhere in your local area! How about the lakes? are they open from you can see?

    Perfect time to fish the Kenai from a yak. Low slow clear water and very few powerboats since the river is so low.


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      I cant stand the kayak/king talk anymore. I'm going downstairs and putting my racks on my truck, brush the cobwebs off my yak, loading up and WILL be on the beach at Dp Crk tonite. I been shore fishin and had one take by a king while butt fishin two days ago and watching lots of kings caught just offshore. ( I missed him) Kings have been porposing and jumping within eyesite of my spot. Just got an email from buddy who said they been hitting em in 10 ft of water. The seas have been laying down every eve the last 3 days and today weather looks just like yesterday. Thanks for the rminder about tethering to the craft in other posts. Hi tide at6:25 pm--17.2 ....Nice medium tide. The kings are definitely around. Company IS a nice safety factor. If u wanna come down....groovy. U can catch within 100 yds of shore. (I been shore fishin 6 out of 7 of the last days) The fish are there.
      Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine! :whistle:


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        I plan on fishing that in-coming tide.Will be at the Pillars around noon in case we need to shuttle rigs up or down.
        With pretty clear water I'm bring smaller plugs(K-14s,Mag-warts)some spinners for those "quick....hit that spot" times,and possibly a float rod with jigs under a bobber.Gotta match the hatch in clear water.Plus we can sneak up on fish.nice and quiet.
        This may be epic.............oohhh baby :think:


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          I sure hope ya get one COD but I really really hope that I don't hear "Ya should have been here yesterday if I see ya down there tomorrow!" go get'em Be safe!!!!


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            And I Thought There Were Some Die-Hards On This Forum.....

            Today is the day.Noon at the Pillars State Park.Float from Pillars to Kenai city dock in Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 with float rod and jigs in hand looking for a nice Kenai King.The water is low and slow and very clear.No power boats on the river (= no wakes or stupid people).
            This is the best time of the year to take a kayak or other paddle- powered craft down stream with a very good chance at a kenai king.I posted an open invitation on the freshwater forum and have had no takers wanting to do this trip.Heck,I even offered to supply a spare kayak in case someone didn't have their own.Nada............
            It's time for me to make a few more preparations so odds are good I won't be on here for a while.Maybe take a last look around 11:00 am to see if someone has any interest.But that's okay if not.Any day on the water is a good day.We are not that far from the date of Les Anderson's incredible catch,so odds are pretty good there are fish in the water and it only takes one to make a good day great :topjob:
            Have a good day all.I'll try to post pictures tonite or on Sunday.


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              I'd love to be there but have a family committment for the weekend. maybe next time


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                Thanks for the offer Mark Does sound like fun and would like to do the lower part in my little 11ft drifter floating with you some time. Right now a few more things to finish with my spring orders for the tourist season. Some times I wonder how good it is to have a product in high demand.They are coming soon(Tourist) so got to deal with Biz. So when I float the upper I find fishing and floating almost to many things at once going on.Fun though! How do you handle the fishing pole and paddles with a King on the end? I know its slower moving down there than the upper. Up there if I hook something while floating I just pull over and play the fish. With kings that kind of defeats the purpose of staying with it. I would like to learn any new tricks. I bet your having a great time right now while I just take a break and dream of floating and fishing. Hope the day is as nice there as here.


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