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Fishing for information for a do it yourself trip out of Anchorage

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  • Fishing for information for a do it yourself trip out of Anchorage

    I am visiting Alaska in late August and early September and am a do it myself man. Into exploration and adventure. This will be my first trip to Alaska and while I have a lot of experience in a whitewater kayak,I have never kayaked in the ocean on extended trips, but feel pretty confident in my abilities. Would love to sea kayak out of Whittier or be flown out of Anchorage to any one of a number of places like Lake Clark National Park, but am very open to any and all suggestions. Am specifically looking for recommendations to do a trip such as this and would be very interested in hooking up with a partner since it would add a ton to the safety and enjoyment of such a trip. Thanks for any information that could be provided and this seems like a great site. I am looking forward to trading ideas, making kayaking and fishing friends, and sharing my love of the wilderness. Mark

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    Well stay in touch through this board is a great start.

    I took a friend out last weekend and we rented a AIRE Sea Tiger inflatable from Alaska Raft and Kayak that worked pretty well until we tried to paddle directly into a 15mph headwind. But in general it worked out fine. I think I posted a report here...yup the Deep Creek report from aldt week.

    Late August early September should be a good time. A few silvers still milling around plus the usual rockfish and a shot at halibut. If you do whitewater and like to fish might be fun to try the upper kenai. World Class rainbows and great salmon fishing in the upper Kenai around that time frame. Good luck. Lots of good info here!


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      Thanks for the tip on the upper Kenai Kardinal. A trip like this would be incredible and I would be up for it in a heartbeat, though doing it alone in a kayak is probably out of the question for me.

      Checked out your webpage and your fishing video. Very cool!! Seems like you have put a ton of time and effort into customizing that kayak for amazing fishing. Will continue to check out your posts and I have confidence I will find a trip and a partner that will prove to be an unforgettable experience in the Alaska wilderness. Yes, this site seems like a great start and I like the tremendous amount of information being shared. Tight lines to you.


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        Let me know if you can't find anyone. That time frame I am likely to be launching out of whittier or seward. Should be some decent silver fishing close to port. But I'd try the Kenai River in my least the mellower parts.


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          If kayak is you thing, look at renting an inflatable. I would fit in a rental (mostly) and open a lot of water both north and south of Anchorage as well as lakes in the big village...

          Alaska Raft and Kayak would be the first contact and they are a sponcor of this web site.



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