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  • Video! True or False?


    I spend my time in the fishing forum, but our webmaster advised me to post my tidbit here.

    I guarantee you will watch this one many, many times...
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    You have just shown me my only fear of being on big water with little boats.
    I will be headed down to S.E. AK. Kake area on the 22nd of May and was wondering if a whale has ever sunk a boat like that.
    If its true and not digitally enhanced then I guess they can/do.

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      Well, I guess your gone now, but the answer is yes. Whales do sink boats down here from time to time. Maybe one every 2-4 years. I've had friends nearly run into them, but there are reports of boats actually running into them, or even over them. Float planes have even had encounters.

      Not much you can do though. Stay away from them, watch out for bubble feeding sign, and keep one hand on the throttle.

      Never see an orca breach like that, except at Sea World, but humpbacks breach all the time.


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        Man not a good thing there, sealions make me wonder on a boat also.


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          Originally posted by George D
          Man not a good thing there, sealions make me wonder on a boat also.
          I hear you. The wife and I were kayaking the Western shore of Resurrection Bay two summers ago when we observed some noticable swelling headed our way. Just to be on the cautious side, we aimed our bow at the shore and put paddles to water. We hadn't managed to make fifteen feet when a pair of sea lions came out of the water right about where we had been putting along. One had a silver in its mouth, and, because of the scale, the fish looked like nothing more than a minnow. Wouldn't have wanted to have been in the way....


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            The kayak dude did a good job on the roll!
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              I'd like to see more of that

              video. Lookes pretty good, but I am sceptical.


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                The video was real choppy when I played it. The video would pause every 3 seconds or so. Interesting vid though. There is no obvious discoloration which sometimes shows up in highly editing video. I am going to watch it again when I am on my faster and more powerful home computer.

                This is a tough one to swallow.


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                  Aweful big orca..compared to an ocean kayak.....

                  It almost looks like the kayak/kayaker that gets hit is identical to the other yellow kayak/kayaker....same color hat and wet suit, and may be wrist cuffs and the water has a disturbed look under the first yellow kayak much like area after orca disappeared and kayak reappeared and stabilized...the orca would almost have to be 35 feet.

                  Let me say this..I am by no means anyone to dispute the video, because I know very little about orcas, ocean kayaking, or much else..LOL.

                  Is it real??? I would think it is not, but I would be hesitant to bid on it. If someone finds out, i would like to know.

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                    here is the scoop


                    Here is the real story on the video - it is a korean energy drink commerical.


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