best kayak for tour operators??



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  • best kayak for tour operators??

    Hi I run a fly in fishing lodge and want to have some kayaks for our clients, what type would be best?? Things i am considering, single or doubles, sea kayaks (with rudder) or ones without? I looked at old town and didnt see any that had rudders? also length, what is a good all around length? Our lake is not huge, we operate on two lakes both under 10 miles long. Also price and durability is a consideration. Thanks

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    Thought about the same thing for my place, even got a Sit-On-Top double for the wife and I to try out. Biggest issue that I came up with is the difference in abilities you will run into. I visited with a guy that runs a fishing/eco-turism lodge and he said that he runs inflatables and wouldn't go with anything else. After my experince with the barge of a boat (SOT) that I got I would have to agree. Go with inflatables, stable and storage all good.

    You coule also get a frame and lash them together for a nice Cat-a-Raft.

    Just my thoughts.



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      good points

      I know george was excited about getting a SOT for his place, and it sounds like has a good idea about what would work best for him.
      George also brought out a great point about level of experience of the user.
      Fishing out of Kayak is fun, and opens new doors for many experiences.
      I read and see lots of great pictures and arcticles about this Kayak fishing.
      I have done it myself and really enjoy it, but those with little experience may be in over there heads.
      with our canoe and kayak business here on the kenai, we try to be very careful about making sure our customers get the type of craft that will lend itslelf to the ability of the customer.
      I am not yet sold on SOT kayaks for Alaska yet, but I have one over in Hawaii that I use just for fishing....
      I use my standard kayaks here in Alaska for fishing.
      Inflatable Kayaks and canoes can be a great option. I like them alot.
      When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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        best boat for lodges

        Thing to consider: Weight, bears, stability. Sit on tops have the advantage of being very stable, but most or hard shell and they are heavy. Also, the paddler gets wet. Water runs down the paddle and hard not to get wet, add that your people are beginners and they are going to get wet. Inflatable suffer the same draw backs pluss if you leave them out bears can tear them up.
        How far. If your customers are going to do some distance, a hard shell, 12ft to 14 ft boat with a storage hatch in the back will work well, foot brace, back support, and a knee brace will work best.. As for a rudder, depends upon wind. Rudders are suppose to be for tacking not steering. That is why the sit on tops and small lake kayaks do not have rudders, they have a fair amount of keel which helps to keep them going straight. And one does not paddle a lake kayak far. Paddle 10 min stop, paddle 10, fish.....
        Inflatable kayaks come in all shapes and sizes. We carry several that work well on lakes, are smaller, lighter, than most that you see. We also have very stable lake kayak from Jackson kayak that has very comfortable removable seat. The seat is like a lawn chair. It comes out. Makes the boat lighter to carry, and easy to store. We can get them with spray covers so it deals with the getting wet issue.
        If I had a lodge where the boats can be secured from bears, and once there are going to stay there, I would go hardshell lake kayak, 10 to 12 ft, no rudder to get broken, no padded seats to soak water,
        If you want talk more about your specific issue give me a call. Jim Alaska Kayak Academy. We sponsor this forum so you can get our number and web address off of the home page. Jim


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