Whitewater boat, track like an ocean boat???



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  • Whitewater boat, track like an ocean boat???

    I have a Bandit inflatable tandom, it's a whitewater boat. Anyone ever make anything or do something to make it track (paddle straighter) more like and ocean boat?

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    The attribute that makes your boat highly maneuverable, and therefore whitewater capable, is what you hate- poor tracking. Some models like the Innova Safari are supposed to have a removable tracking fin which will help on flat water.
    After you get used to your boat you will find it can be used on flat water, but the wind is by far your worst enemy with a whitewater IK.
    Some of these guys are quite creative and maybe could figure out how to mount a fin for you.
    Good luck ,MO


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      Thanks for the thoughts. I suspected a fin, but wasn't really certain, anyone think that's the ticket? I have three inflatables, two are whitewater and one is the Advanced-Element Frame (orange top, gray bottom). The Advanced tracks like a lazer and cruises nicely, completely stable, holds huge backpack right on the front. It is a bit tight at the feet, like a shoe that is to small, I hang my legs on top usually. One thing I don't like about the Advanced is that it always feels a bit soft compared to the Bandit or most other style inflatables. The Bandit sets-up/inflates instantly, the Advanced is way slower and heavier.
      We take them on vacations, bags like luggage, we have the four-peice paddles for packing.
      Annoy's the guys renting them to tourists in Hawaii.


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        Had a river style hard kayak, not full white water but no keel and built for rough and tumble waters. I got it for my daughter to have something to play with. Had a long time kayaker share to hang a 8-10 length of floating rope tied off on the stern. This would help it track a little better. Daughter didn't like how tippy it was so didnt spend much time with it...

        Hope that helps, easy to try and easy to take off....



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          Brilliant! I thought about that also, but wasn't sure. I bet that would be enough, I will test all these ideas. Thank you guys!


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            Making a river IK track for the ocean or lake

            All you need to do is mount a skag on the back end. Make it removable so you only attach it when you need it. The skag also helps the high rocker IK Surf like crazy and makes it a fun boat to travel with in mexico or Hawaii.

            I've attached a couple pictures of one of my IKs we were product testing in Hawaii several years ago.

            Jim King
            Alaska Series Inflatable Boats

            Originally posted by Myers View Post
            I have a Bandit inflatable tandom, it's a whitewater boat. Anyone ever make anything or do something to make it track (paddle straighter) more like and ocean boat?
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              Thank you Jim,
              I appreciate the photo and info! Seeing that photo of the skeg gives me the idea and now I can set mine up also. The surfing looks great! I am heading to Hawaii in July and will test it all out. Thank you again guys, this is a big break through for me and my fleet of inflatables!
              (more skeg pics is always appreciated)


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                you need to add a skeg. The inflatable that are designed for ocean travel have extra material sewen into the hull that allows one to run webbing through like a belt loop. that is how the skeg is attached.


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                  your bandit has a lot of rocker too for an IK, which like mark said makes it good for whitewater. Those Bandits are so light, I think you would be far better off to buy a different boat than try to modify the bandit.

                  Like all multi use gear have to determine your predominate use first then see if the once in awhile trip will work.


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                    Skeg for a Super Lynx

                    Has anyone perfected a skeg for an aire super lynx IK for use on a slow moving river or lake? It would need to be easily detachable and not too heavy or cumbersome. I have given this a lot of thought, as I struggle to get the nose headed back down stream on a slow moving river, but have not come up with any idea for a quick attachment that seems practical. Other than the lack of tracking, I like the super lynx for class one and two water.


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                      I made a skeg

                      I appreciate all the info here about this. I should have taken a picture to post of the skeg I made, but of course put the boat away before I remembered. I made a simple strap-attached skeg from aluminum and plastic, it straps into the self-bailer holes with two straps as quick as putting on a belt! The trick to keeping it in a strait line is a bungie hooked on the end that hooks to the tip of the transon stern line ring. It is small enough to put in my utility bag.
                      Why I own three different inflatable kayaks; First, I take them on vacations, they check like luggage. Secondly, years back I originally wanted a kayak my wife wouldn't tip as easily as a hard shell. And lastly, you might not like me now if you are a die-hard-motor-hating-paddler-only, they fit nicely in the compartments of my ocean boat.


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