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  • Info on Cordova area

    Greetings all, am planning my annual two week solo trip and this year I hope to paddle from Cordova to Valdez. I plan on taking the ferry with my boat to Cordova and jump right in. I have never been in this part of PWS and am hoping for some info on kayak friendly beaches on my route back to Valdez. Would be grateful for any info. Thanks.

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    A beach with some space before the brush and trees...

    would be good..lots of bears in that area! I presume you know about the big seas you might encounter on that route, although sometimes it can be really calm. Sounds like a great trip, PM me about when you are doing this, I have a cabin about halfway on your trip, and I might invite you to stop by if it's when I am there.


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      forum store

      I picked up a book here in the forum store with routes and info on the SE part of the state. It doesn't cover that area you looking at, but you may look for a book that might help you.



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        Thanks Will937. I have the Kayaking and Camping in PWS by Twardock, unfortunately, I was hoping to get a little more info in the Simpson, Sheep Bay areas as well as Knowles and Olsen Bays and Goose Is. I'll keep looking. RLW


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          A History of Prince William Sound

          by Jim and Nancy Lethcoe. Not much on camping beaches, but an interesting natural and cultural history of the sound, from the earliest times of native life, to the first European explorers/exploiters, up through the earthquake and oil spill. Lots of wildlife, and some good references too, would be a good read prior to your exploration of eastern PWS.


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            New Information

            Just found out that the Tatitlek Cooperation charges $35 / DAY to camp on their beaches. Since they own a significant amount of the land between Cordova and Valdez, this would cost me a couple hundred dollars just to camp for the 8 - 10 days of the two weeks I will be paddeling. This has made the decision easy, but a little dissapointing. Am bagging the trip, and opting for the west PWS for my two week solo. Hope this info helps others who may be interested.


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