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  • Wasilla Pool letting in kayakers

    Wasilla High Pool is now starting an open kayak night like we have at Bartlett High.
    starts: friday 3/20/09
    time: 830 pm to 930 pm
    $4.75 entry fee with your boat
    $10 boat rental if you need a boat. call to reserve so we bring enough 746 6600

    Make sure your boat is clean. We have been trying for years to get into the Valley pools and they are sticklers for dirty boats, What you think is clean maybe dirty to them. I suggest going to the car wash and give your boat a good power wash under the seat. That is where the silt and leaves get stuck. And as soon as you swamp it, bam... out come those leave into the pool.

    Pass the word. If we can get that pool filling up then we can get this to be a regular event and lock that time down for next fall as well.

    Here is the plan. 830 -900 is open paddle. 900 -930 is polo. This is how they do it in Fairbanks. Gives both user a chance at the pool.

    Wasilla is a U shape. So it is possible for a polo game to exist and still have rolling and play boaters in the dive portion. Also the kiddie pool is deep enough for rolling so you can teach your friend to roll while polo is happening as well. But polo is a lot of fun

    PASS THE WORD......

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