Kayaking on Michigans Lake Superior



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  • Kayaking on Michigans Lake Superior

    I know this isn't really related to kayaking in Alaska but I figured outdoor adventurers like this kind of stuff no matter where they are.

    My boyfriend and I are leaving in June to paddle the 1300 miles around Lake Superior in our kayaks. We will be out for anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks. If anyone is interested in following us on our trip we will keeping online journals and posting our photos as we go. Check out our website at http://www.asuperioradventure.com. There is contact info there and a lot more info about our trip.

    Hannah Williams

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    Since I have lived on Superior for a number of years, be very cautious of the winds. The storms blow in from no where. I've been out on Apostle Islands Lakeshore in a canoe and had them blow in outta nowhere. Luckily it was only 5 miles back to shore and we had a good group of paddlers.

    There are some places where you won't be able to pull out should something happen (cliff's). Good luck on your trip.

    Remember what the locals tell you. And Superior does NOT give up her dead.


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      Got stuck in a Kayak for 36 hours just off pictured rocks, really watch the weather! Superior is nothing to mess with, I've guided here in Alaska paddled Drummond and Ilse royal as well as the Algonquin water trail, superior is every bit as deadly as any waters here and less predictable.
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        Best of Luck to you Hannah!

        Michigander here as well!

        While I haven't spent as much time on the Superior waters as some, I know as well as any that it is nothing to mess with (as I'm sure you are aware of). Love those seas though and love the sites even more! I'm sure you are going to have some tough days, but the splendid days will outlive them!

        Good Luck!


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