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  • Kayak Tours in Alaska?

    A few of us want to do a 5-8 day trip to Alaska to do some kayaking. We either want a 5+ day of remote kayaking on a river with few people, good wildlife (big bears) and class 3 or less. OR 3-4 days of the above plus a couple days of shore kayaking combined with a peak climb.

    We would like suggestions for places, rental shops, charter flights, etc.

    We are good insofar as mountaineering and outdoor survival but have been having a hard time setting up the logistics for this trip as it would be our first time in AK. Our preference would be the long trip on a river in real AK backcountry. Thanks,

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    Kayaking Lodge?

    Hi, I was just browsing and not sure if we are what you are looking for but--we have a lodge on Kodiak and support kayaking and hiking trips. If you have the time we invite you to review our website, to see if its something you're interested in. Good luck! Birch


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      Do you guys support any multi day non-guided trips? Help with put in and take out? We are looking for more of a long wilderness experience.


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        Yes. But all ocean, not rivers. Resurrection Bay near Seward and I am sure the same for Prince William Sound. Not sure who takes you, but read about it. Check with the guys at Sunny Cove Kayak in Seward. The guy I am thinking of takes you out in the boat and drops you off for a week or so. Camping and going about your business away from everyone else. Sounds awesome. Beautiful area for sure. Maybe check with the folks at Kenai Fjords Tours in Seward as well.
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          Kayaking lakes and rivers

          I do have a suggestion for a trip that will fill the bill..
          It does have some remote parts along the way, and some areas not so remote, but all of it amazing and beatiful..
          I have set up more than a few on this trip..
          you start at Moose Pass on the kenai peninsula. putting in at trail lakes.
          down river to Kenai lake, then a paddle accross this big lake and to the beginning of the Kenai river in cooper Landing, down river to skilak lake, accross skilak lake, and then down the middle section of the Kenai to the town of soldotna, then you can either take out, or continue on down river thru the boat busy lower kenai river and take out just as you enter Cook inlet at the Kenai landing cannery area..
          I had a group from Georgia do this trip last year, they took a week to do it as they explored and took there time.. stopping when they wanted and of course picking good weather to cross Kenai Lake and then Skilak lake..
          This trip is pretty fun because it offers Lakes and rivers, with the most white water being just before the Trail lakes river enters the Kenai Lake. This area can be lined or portaged, but needs to be scouted as it can get a little Western if the water is up.. Not a problem for a person with skill at class 3 water, but it can be a little technical in a longer boat..
          This is a great family trip also,, because it offers the chance to make a couple of stops where civilization follows the River.
          We had a scout group do this trip is canoes two years ago..
          They did some added dimensions to the trip.. they paddled and then did a 50 mile hike also in the trip.. There are some nice hiking trails along the way, such as the Cresent lake trail that starts along the shoreline of Kenai lake,( about 5 miles one way I think) this seldom used trail is a wonderful and beautiful hike, and chances are you will not see anouther person. Cressent lake also sports Crayling fishing. The mountains here also sport Dall Sheep.
          Then on down to the upper kenai, and pulling out at the Russian river, then hiking up to the falls and watch the Salmon jumping up the falls. this is a little under 3 miles one way to walk up to the falls.
          Then Paddling down to Jims landing you can take the old surprise creek trail that used to be an old mining area. This mountain is a great hike, as once above tree line you can just walk about anywhere you like on the top of the mountain.. Dall sheep herd on this mountain also.. and a fantastic view of skilak lake from the top of this mountain..
          Once you get to Skilak, its a great place to camp and explore.
          Once past Skilak , not much in the way of hikes from the lake or river.
          About half way down the middle section of the Kenai below Skilak you begin to see some summer homes and cabins along the shores of the kenai.
          Below Bings landing is a decent rapid that you may want to portage with the kayaks, or at least scout it out first..
          below that, its class 1 all the way to Cook inlet,, except for the boaters you may run into in the lower portion..
          When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

          Rentals for Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts, boats serving the Kenai canoe trail system and the Kenai river for over 15 years.


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            Thanks to everyone, very much, I'll be checking all this out tomorrow morning. I've been looking forward to visiting your state for some time. This is going to be a gift to myself for finishing my doctorate and a pre-real world trip for me.


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              I believe these guys: do what you are looking for out of Valdez. We used them for a few hour tour a couple of years ago and was very pleased. It was our first kayaking adventure!!


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                Call Todd 907 354-4985 he rents Mokai little jet boats.


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                  Lcnp - knp - anm - bnwr

                  I pm'ed ya on locations that ideally fit the type of trip and number of days that you and group are looking for.

                  No way I'd put the destinations or descriptions for all to see on here... I'd hate to see those destinations loose their golden years... if you & others catch my drift.

                  Outstanding river and lake/sea kayaking, No people, lots of bear, No people, mountain climbs, No people, & absolutely No wimpy/loud, stinky, motorized wanna-be kayak machines.

                  Oh & No People!!!
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                    Couple more pics 4 U

                    Couple more pics 4 U... again these destinations offer the finest true wilderness lake, river, & sea kayaking, mountain climbing trip with the best wildlife viewing in the # days you mentioned.
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                      Is that the Akiakchak Caldera perhaps?

                      Don't worry, I won't tell.


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                        They still have the two they bought and still are using them.

                        I can give you names of people that they tried to stop from buying one they are all happy with them.

                        But most importantly they never wanted to be kayaks.

                        They have always been small jet boats that get you where you want to be.

                        So you don't have to spend the extra grand get them factory direct.
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                          common courtesy

                          lets treat each other decent, we do not need to bad mouth any company or products here. It is in direct violation in the rules we all agreed to when we signed up to be part of this site.
                          Please reread the rules if you have any questions.
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                          When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

                          Rentals for Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts, boats serving the Kenai canoe trail system and the Kenai river for over 15 years.


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                            Sorry, it just is sad to see the same person bad mouth a product that I use and enjoy.
                            And that so many handicapped people have been able to use and enjoy.

                            You don't have to like it but don't dog it. I have not dogged the company that you work for.

                            Enjoy and let others live.


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                              back country kayak trip in Ak on rivers

                              If you want to use kayaks and not rafts, we rent IK's, and we can sugguest several fly in locations out of south central Ak. We also have sea kayak rentals and can suggest several 5-8 day trips as well. If you need gear or advice send us an email. Jim Ak Kayak Academy,
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