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  • Peters creek?

    Behind Petersville, has anyone paddled this creek? if so where is the takeout?
    I cannot find any info except it was rated class lll -lV . I have only been there on a snow machine. Thanks MO

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    The area that would be rated III/IV would be the canyon area. If you were gonna paddle that you can take out at Petersville itself or head down to the forks roadhouse.


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      Peters Cr

      Sorry to disappoint you, it is only Class III, and this is at higher water levels, and this is for short rapids in the canyon. Check it out on Google Earth, crystal clear, can see every rapid.


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        Hey Mad

        Could you use that program and check little willow up high. I have an alternative program but the resolution is just ok.


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          Sling shot with ammo in the handle

          Has anyone bought this type of sling shot before that holds the amo in the handle?
          this company has free shipping to anywhere in the world and they guarantee delivery to Australia. I heard that sling shots
          are ok to sell in Australia as long as you say they are being used to toss bait in the water when you go fishing, any truth
          to thatone?


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            We are going Sunday, Tim ran it this summer and said it was great. There is supposed to be a solid class III+ boulder garden drop, a IV- ledge drop, and a solid class IV drop, consisting of a series of ledge drops. I'll know soon enough.


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              Fun trip/ except

              As Tim stated Peters creek is a great run.Casey and I had clean runs, and found a fun creek in a deep canyon.
              The hardest drops come within the first mile, and there is some solid class IV. The canyon is very tight, full of boulders, has blind corners, and narrow slots to thread. There is eddy service throughout the hard parts, and you will use them. When you see a horizon line get out and scout, there are ledge drops which could technically be classified as small waterfalls, and a powerful slide drop. The biggest ledge drop goes into a twisting, gnarly, foaming hole, but has water flowing through, so its fun, fun.
              The remainder of the canyon run is steep technical class III, and is fun for about 4 miles.
              Take out at a dirt road, which goes off the main road/trail. You will go left past a shack, just this side of Petersville/ group of houses,this avoids a long float to the roadhouse bridge. However, the stream looks like the fishing would be good below this, but is a long day trip.
              The real excitement of our adventure was Casey spraying bear mace into his eyes while jogging back to get the truck. He ended up at the roadhouse and received medical treatment, while I waited for a couple of hours wondering what happened to him. I finally pulled both boats half a mile up hill to the main trail, and was informed by hunters what had happened. So my 45 year old behind went on a jog, got my rig, picked up my broken nephew, and ended a long day of adventuring. I could not restrain from kindly laughing at Casey even though he was still in pain 4 hours later but OK. I guess we are never safe until we are home. lol
              I have a bunch of pics of recent runs and will post them in the pics section soon.
              Happy boating, MO


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                Bear Mace Case

                Glad you guys had a good run!! Thats my son, if Casey cant do it nobody can. Once again Maximum Casey strikes again!!!!


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