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    hi am new to kayaks. i want to do sea kayaking some day but right now i want to just get a lake kayak to learn to roll and stuff in. Im on a budget so i was wondering what to buy. i need it big enough to carry a pack and a rifle. any suggestions?

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    First, determine what kind of kayak you want:

    Whitewater or flat water?
    Fiberglass, plastic, folding, or inflatable?
    Single or tandem?

    I am a big fan of folding kayaks (Folbot, Klepper, etc.). They are easy to transport, durable, and, for the most part, well-designed. They can be a pain to put together and break down each trip, but practice makes perfect. The process becomes mechanical after a while.

    I have a Folbot Greenland II that my wife and I use in Prince William Sound. It's not the fastest boat, that's for sure. However, it is sturdy and can handle all the gear we need for an extended trip. If you're looking for a well-designed sea kayak that is easy to transport, I suggest looking at Folbots online. They're relatively affordable. If Folbot's prices turn you off, it's probably time to look at a plastic 'yak or an inflatable.


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      I'm very happy with my Sundance 9.5' boat. Slow, but it can carry a ton, and it's wide so it's very stable. I've used it on 9 day trips. Check out this site that reviews TONS of kayaks. By the way, I paid about $350 for my Sundance, new.
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