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kayak fishing can be frustrated?

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  • kayak fishing can be frustrated?

    I've been planning to get a real fishing kayak for a while now but I just took my standard kayak (no rod holders, very unstable, gets blown around a lot, etc.) out fishing the other day to get a feel for what it was like and it was just impossible to fish out of. I had to grab my paddle to get the kayak back into place every five seconds, I couldn't cast out of it, my back hurt from the seat, and every other thing like that you can imagine. Is fishing out of a real fishing kayak like this at all or does the stability, seat comfort, weight of the kayak eliminate all those things? I just like for everything to be simple. (I carry only one rod when I go bank fishing)

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    What type and length of kayak were you in? How windy was it? I fish from a 12' and a 13'5. The 12 foot is a fishing kayak. the 13'5 is a sea kayak, but has no rod holders.
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      It probably depends in part on what kind of fishing you’re doing. I’ve done quite a bit of jogging for rockfish in my cheap Costco kayaks, and that works great. Casting snagging hooks at salmon is a bit more sporty - fun, but tricky. For trolling, I think you’d be best off with a proper fishing kayak.


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        Hobie kayaks uses pedals instead of paddles. This leaves your hands free to fish. They are a bit spendy, and a bit heavy, but they are a very good fishing kayak. Look on YouTube for kayak salmon fishing in Homer to see a ton of videos.<br/><br/><br/>Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk


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