Kayak rental in ANC or the kenai pennisula??



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  • Kayak rental in ANC or the kenai pennisula??

    Myself and 3 friends are coming up the 15th and looking to rent a couple yaks for some flatwater paddleing and fishing.....Wondering if anyone would have an idea where we might go???

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    Are you REI members? If so, REI rents kayaks. You might also try Alaska Raft & Kayak. I'm not positive that they rent kayaks, but I know they rent rafts...so I'm assuming they do. Both are in Anchorage - I'm not familiar with any rental outfits on the Peninsula. Anyone else?



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      Kenai peninsula

      Canoe and Kayak Hard shells are available on the Kenai in Sterling. Call 907-262-2331 They have Rafts and Mountain bikes too.
      When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

      Rentals for Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts, boats serving the Kenai canoe trail system and the Kenai river for over 15 years. www.alaskacanoetrips.com


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        Thanks for the info gents!!!!

        We are all members at REI so that is defiantly an option.....I'm kinda hoping that we can't get into the backcountry at Denali so we can spend more time on the water!!!


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          If you dont mind the 2 hr drive to Seward there are a couple of outfits on the banks of Resurrection Bay. I used Liquid Adventures last summer...very nice tour...they are on the web, have half, full and multi day trips. Go south out of town to Lowell Point and they are easy to find, turn right at the 3 way and it is the barn on the left


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            I've lived on the Peninsula for 22 years. If your looking for some peacefull paddling, I'd go do swanson river. It picks up in some parts, but is nice and quiet, and it just happeneds that fishing opens june 15th. Great trout and dolley varden fishing. 12-20". Just cast anywhere before or after small rapids. Bring a gun for protection from bears. You could put down swanson river road in sterling, then its about 10 mile drive down that road, put in the river, paddle 24 miles to nikiski. Usually a good two night camp/paddle trip. If you wanted to do some lakes. I'd suggest Hidden Lake, Watson Lake, Crecent lake if you dont mind a hike, Cooper Lake, Phtarmagin lake(6mile hike). Theres a place that rents kayaks in sterling, its right of the right side of the road coming from anchorage. Thats all i know of.


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