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kayaking on the Kenai Peninsula (partner)

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  • kayaking on the Kenai Peninsula (partner)

    If anyone wants to try to kayak the Kasilof River, or another river that's relatively sane, and needs another truck at the other end, you can contact me. I just moved in from Minnesota and have a 9.5' Sundance kayak. I would like to do a one or two day trip and I don't know the area extremely well yet. I like to fish alot too.
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    We had a big group go down yesterday..
    A visiting baseball team from Tenn.
    They had a blast..
    just call me, and when you want to go, we can see if we can go with.
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      I'm planning on going here next week sometime. I'm not sure if you've ever done it, but it's only about 2-3 hours. (Putting in down Tust. road and floating to the bridge in kasilof. It's pretty short, quick current in some spots, nothing too rough. email me at if you want to tag along. Were not very expierenced kayakers but know the area real well. Fishing should start to get better on the upper half next week hopefully.
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