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  • cheaper kayak rigging

    I've just finnished putting on the deck rigging on my sea Kayak,by scouting arount town I've managed to do it all better by going to AIH and West maring than either of the major Kayak retailers could do it for in town.For instance at AIH bungee cort is 17 cents a foot and at west marine rope I used for my grab line was half of REI's price.West Marine helped me choose davit type eye bolts to run my bungee through,stainless steel and rubber for less than dinky plastic jobs for other stores.I certainly recomend you have a look at both stores before you purchase,Resin,Matting,Silicone or Gel coat.I wish I had.

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    Great ideas

    It sounds like you found people that understand and know what you needed, with the right prices too.
    Sometimes ( really Most of the time)
    When you find a sales person or business that really is interested in stuff like Kayaks and Canoes etc. Its amazing how much better it all works out.
    I have stopped in outdoor box stores and have asked some basic questions about materials of canoes etc. and have recieved a blank stare, or worse they go to the label and look at that for information.. These people are just picking up a paycheck and could care less what they know.
    Sound like you found some winners//
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      yeah it was advise I'll be sharing

      I rolled around to my mates place to show him my handy work on the boat and he was stunned at what it cost me.I recomend the places I mentioned before for there knowledge and friendlt applicable advice


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