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  • Just got a Kayak

    Has been since '77 that I have been in one. Was a class mate's and when I had tried a power turn to look cool it flipped. Feet got stuck in the peddles and took a bit to get out and stand up in the 4 feet of water. Buddies thought it was funny.

    Have been a power boat man since but wanting to get back into paddling. Reading a book on "Eskimo Rolling" by Derek Hutchinson and want to acheive that skill sometime. Are there videos on this skill?

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    1/2 an Eskimo Roll

    I would not bother much w/ books and videos... more or less a waste of time and quite likely to introduce misconceptions or preconceived maneuvers.

    Rolling... (and the several techniques to do so) is far and away better introduced by an instructor that is not afraid to get their feet wet and remain patient --- beyond this it becomes a feel, practiced, comfort, and mileage thing.

    I think they are now offering Kayak pool sessions at H2Oasis now in Anchorage!!!

    Not sure what kind of kayak you've got? (Was not specified)

    Could be an inflatable, one person two person, ocean, whitewater, small volume-high performance play boat, high volume touring, day tripper, multi-day expedition, pond variety... etc. --- today, some are motorized!!!

    My reasoning here is to say that many of the kayaks mentioned above are not too suitable or realistic to Eskimo roll. --- particularly when loaded down... then you should know wet exit strategies.

    If you have a whitewater boat or efficient hulled/decked sea kayak then a roll clinic will serve you best.

    Best wishes & don't forget the nose plugs!!!

    Brian Richardson


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      Thanks Brian,
      Unfortunately I live in Naknek so instructors/instruction will be difficult to obtain. I would love to get to some of the H2O instructions if I happen to be in the big village when they happen. Is there an Alaska paddle web site to visit when I need?



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        You should try hunting ducks out of one. You can sneek up on them really easily when the high tides come in. However, it is real unsettling to shoot straight up or to the right if you are right handed. Jim


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          Originally posted by George Riddle
          Is there an Alaska paddle web site to visit when I need?
          Try this site:

          Great resources for paddlers of all skill levels.

          - Gabe Layman


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            Thanks for the web site, great resource. Have to schedule some time to attend a meeting next time I am in town. Thanks again, George.


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