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Kayak cleaner?

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  • Kayak cleaner?

    What's the best stuff for cleaning up plastic kayaks?

    Want to remove all those little black marks from bumping into things while paddling.

    Thanx, Dave.
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    Mine is yellow, and that stuff really shows up. I tried cleaning it when I first bought it used. Not much luck. I've dragged it through the woods to portage, scraped over rocks in the Kenai, and logs in creeks. It has that look of a well used 4x4 pickup sitting next to a 'town truck.'
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      I'd use something like Comet cleanser and a scotchbrite pad. I have an older Coleman canoe (I bought it around 1985) that I used comet on and it cleaned up nicely. I also hit it with a heat gun and that brought some of the color back.


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        Denatured Alcohol worked for me with a 3M pad to remove Cottonwood sap. I washed it well afterwords and applied a plastic protector spray & tarp it to protect from UV.


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          Don't wash off your mojo. Character marks. I just spray mine at car wash a few times each year. They are happy dirty. Just Rubbermaid trash cans really. I do spray mine down with aerospace 303 1-2x/year. Has kept my five Wildeness Systems and Ally pack canoe and two Sotar rafts looking near new. It's good stuff. Been using it for nearly 20 years. Prevents fading, among other more important attributes. I do wash the boat prior to applying. Just like washing car, Dawn in hot water bucket, rags, stiff bristle tire brush, and a six pack. Most important thing is proper storage and keeping it out of the sun.

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