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  • Dagger Axis 12.0

    Looking for info about Dagger Axis 12.0 including ability to handle Class III whitewater. I am trying to decide if I should buy the Axis 12.0 or maybe a Liquid Logic XP 10.


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    The Liquid Logic boat is a good one, I know where one is for sale in state. These are a much better choice than the other boat you were looking at. (Old towne)However, for fishing, and floating, like you mentioned before, I'm still not sure a hard shell kayak is the best choice, I think they are good for one thing, whitewater, where a roll is the best choice for rescue.
    I'm not sure where you are at in the sport, so lets assume at the asking phase. Hardshells require a lot more time to become adequate in, you must learn to roll, and you must have a good brace that is a response. They are extremely unstable, but this is also why they can turn on a dime, when a paddle is involved too. For fishing, they are a bad choice when compared to other single man boats, for whitewater there is no comparison.


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      Mark. Thanks for the info.. Much appreciated. On this post I am looking for comparison between Logic rx10 and Dagger axis 12. Looks like the dagger has more room and capacity. Where is the logic you know about for sale?

      I have zero kayak experience. I am experienced canoer. I would like a boat I cab throw in truck on a whim and hit the Kenai/Kasilof rivers. U can them often in my old town camper canoe with no problem but I don't hit the canyon or naptowne. I want a boat I can negotiate those bigger waves with instant swampage as I used to do in warmer rivers down south in my younger days. It would be great if the boat was fishable but that is a secondary concern.

      I may just have to bite the bullet and buy an inflatable to use for hunting/fishing or possibly a sit on top. I didn't realize how specialized each type of kayak was until I started looking into them. Seems like there is no magic bullet for class 3 water and fishing.

      Thanks again for your help. Your info is greatly appreciated.


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        No problem, James at Susitna Sled and Kayak has the Liquid Logic, great guy, who I have done business with in the past, that's where I bought my Stomper.

        The self bailing is much more stable than a sit-on-top. I own 3 IK's, 4 packrafts, and 3 hardshell, kayaks. I was just suggesting the IK because I have used them in so many places similar to what you required for your boat, but also on water up to, and including, class V whitewater. I have done several extensive multi day trips, that included many miles of moderate whitewater, piece of cake handling the whitewater with gear. They handle big water pretty darn good,(Kenai is not big water, just big flow) I have even taken them "cleanly" off of small falls like Maxwellhouse on Willow and Big Sky on Montana Creek, just great adventure boats. If you want to add hiking in, and reach more remote fishing, try a packraft, a 30-40lb pack is just fine on them, guys have packed much more too.
        Good luck, hope this helps, you can also try any of my boats if you want, well... except the Stomper. lol


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          Mark, how do you think the axis 12.0 or rx10 will work/compare I'm Kenai Canyon/Naptowne?


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            If you put alittle time in learning the curve in those types of boats, you will enjoy either one, I have found when it comes to types, creekboats, river runners, gear haulers, color choice seems to be the most important at some point. lol Like I said, demo a few boats, many times it becomes crystal clear in a few minutes.


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