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    My son and I have our kayaks rigged for fishing and as the season approaches we would like to know a good place to start. We have both fished the Kenai and are familiar with nice quiet non crowded places like bings landing. LOL

    Where would be a good place to put in with a charter bus to take us back to our vehicle? We are open to any locations that would offer a little less crowded good fishing opportunities. Our background is experienced at fishing not so experienced at kayak fishing on rivers.

    -Also I understand that this may be a broad request. I am just looking for someone to point me in the right direction and give suggestions so that I can do some homework. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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    Danny, check out the Alaska forum on the Northwest Kayak Anglers website for area specific info plus great gear and technique tips/instruction.

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      Thanks I almost forgot I posted this post in the fishing section and the kayaking section. Between you and Kardinal_84 I think I have learned a great deal of information!

      Also I think today my Son (14) and daughter (8) are going to try going to Whittier. I understand that the fishing might be better at seward or cook inlet but I think especially with my 8 y/o daughter we are just going to go get the kayaks wet and get used to some movement in the water. When my wife gets back maybe the boy and I will get a little more adventurous. Thanks again for all the great info. I need to get registered on Northwest and do so more research. Tight lines! Danny


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