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Decent beginners kayak for a big guy

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    The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T can be used as a tandem or set up as a single paddle kayak. It is 17 ft. long and has a 900 lbs capacity.


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      We should have clarified hunting purposes. Basically, the kayaking idea is to use to save money on gas.
      The main issue you're going to have using a kayak for hunting is you can't load them up with much and can't put the moose in the kayak with you. Are you going to make 100 trips to carry the moose back one roast at
      a time? You can stuff a very little bit of gear in the bow and stern if you have the right kayak, but nothing like a canoe. However,
      they are exceedingly easy to transport on the deck of another boat. You may also try a canoe while using a kayak paddle and sitting
      in the middle, or kneeling on the floor.


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