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Lower Kenai Float ??????

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  • Lower Kenai Float ??????

    I am going to give ample time for others to get scheduales worked out this time.....:think:

    I have to go to the slope May 19th but will be back around June 3rd.By then the power boats should be working the lower Kenai fairly hard depending on water levels.And there should be a LOT more fish in the river as well. Drift-boat Monday will be more user friendly for paddle craft than weekends.So,would any of you want to make a day of floating the lower Kenai a reality?I thinking June 6th.....
    Drift boat,kayak,blow-up boats ..all are welcome.Let's make it haappen :topjob:
    I will be doing this as soon as I get home.
    Maybe (probably) another trip down to Whisky Gulch as well..
    Anybody got the itch ??????????

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    I am definitely going to float the Kenai. Just be a question of what is optimal timing. The Kenai might be reserved for Sundays and Mondays in July. I think Sunday's would still be too scary. Even though its a lot more crowded with the guides, the rivers seems more orderly with them on the water. I'd do a late evening short float...7 pm or later till dark. One of my FAV times on the river is as its getting dark. I have caught so many just as it was getting dark for some reason. But you better have visibility!

    June 6th, eh? Let me check a few things out.


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      I have a good idea for a short float from RM 15 down to Eagle Rock that would hit some of the best holes.Easy put-in and clean pull-out.Yaks or mini-drifter---both good to go.I'll call you a few days before I get back.


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