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Landing fish out of a Kayak

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  • Landing fish out of a Kayak

    Now I don't have very much experience with a kayak. I do have a SOT but my busted tail bone keeps me from spending too much time away from somewhere to stand up for a bit. I have done much research, mostly self rescue which lead to the SOT. Anyway I have been enjoying the threads on fising in the salt and was wondering if you all are using a paddle float and securing it to the yak to give a brief outrigger to support either netting or harpooning and keeping the kayaker dry.

    On another note, landing the kayak on the beach with an onshore wind??? Anybody using a drogue anchor off the stern to slow the surfing in on the waves?

    Keep posting on your adventures, I love it.

    Power boat George

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    Keep It Simple

    :think: I am a simple man and try to keep my gear "uncomplicated".
    That said---I am also aware that some want to have any and every mechanical advantage possible
    So to answer your question---I get wet :topjob: sometimes a lot wet.No outrigger,sometimes a net,never used a harpoon,and don't use an anchor in a kayak.
    Most of my yak fishing has been in a sit-in boat.Catching hundreds of trout,steelhead,salmon.rockfish,cabazon,and ling cod.The procedure----get on water,hook up fish,bring fish to boat(quickly if releasing fish) make em work a little more if keeping them.Now comes the tricky part---secure fish---and throw in boat.Then dispatch fish.Securing a 38 pound salmon (my biggest from a kayak) involved trying to wear it out 1st,and when he came boatside,getting a hand in his gills and throwing between my legs.Once in the boat--try to dispact fish by ripping gills.There is usually some flopping around (thats where it gets exciting) but once fish is in boat it's not going to get out of a sit-in kayak.roud:
    Catching a ling cod--presents a few complications.Their fins (dorsals and pectorals)are sharp.And when you throw one of them between your legs you do not want to get poked.So I have always thrown them into boat and ripped gill then kick them as far into the bow as possible before they start flaring those pects.As a child I sang soprano pretty good---don't wanta go there as an adult :mad:.
    That's my simple method---others may do it differently.I may change tactics with my new Native Ultimate 12.It allows carrying a lot more gear but that is to be detiremined at a later date.
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      Mark, funny story about possibilities with the Ling Cod.

      On the paddle float, I consider this an essential self rescue tool and a must have if one is venturing very far off shore. Using it as an outrigger just once a fish is hooked seems a saftey proceedure especially while netting fish.

      Just thinking on a king even a 20 lb fish getting the leverage to pop that bad boy into the boat, wow. Granted I am a novice paddler.

      Thumbs up to yak fishing in big water.



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