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Grumman 18' Double-Ender...What's a fair price?

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  • Grumman 18' Double-Ender...What's a fair price?

    I did a quick search, but most of what I found was for a flat-back stern. Any help?


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    are you buying or selling? What condition, how old, what extras?
    Semper Fi and God Bless


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      One small dent (line about 8" long if I remember correctly) and weld (about 1" long bead) in bow of canoe above waterline and does not affect the performance of the boat.

      Otherwise excellent condition and it's the old model with thicker material before they started using aluminum foil for hulls.

      2 wooden paddles and 1 plastic paddle included and I'll probably throw in a few PFDs as well.


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        I have a number of canoes in my rental fleet and i like the ASB type. Most of mine are Old Town 169's but I have owned a few Grumman's over the years. They are tough boats and very good on lakes. I don't like the way that "stick" when they smack rocks on rivers and i don't like how much noise they make on lakes. You just can not sneak up on a moose in one!

        All that said i would be willing to pay in the $400-450 range and that is the top end. New they would much higher and my $ is based upon my preference of ASB.

        Good Luck and make her work!

        See you on the water!

        Gulkana River Raft Rentals


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          With all-due respect Walt; I'd sooner turn the Grumman into a flower bed before I'd let her go for $400!
          I don't have experience in this boat with moose here, but I used it many a time for sneeking up on whitetail in Michigan...maybe they were hard of hearing??? I suppose I'd rather hear the "stick" than "grab a bucket! start bailing!!!"
          Heavy duty and capacity to float a lot of weight equals good boat for the right persons!


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            I can respect that. Like I said its is all about what you like. I still like ABS.

            See ya on the water!


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              price of canoe

              the price is all depending on what you will let it go fore an what the person is willing to pay for it, you can put a price on it an come down but tou can't go up, it also depends on where you are an do they use canoes in the area you are at, ifthe person that wants it, has to figure out the cost of gas to pick it up this day an age [ GAS $$$]


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                New aluminum canoes of that quality are running $1,600.00 to $1,800.00 new in Alaska, if you can find them.
                A clean used double ender can bring $650.00 to $850.00.
                The 19' square stearn freighter is the most sought after aluminum canoe on the used market.
                You can get $900.00 to $1,400.00 if it is clean or has a lift.


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                  if you put a 19 ft on the market with a lift at $1600 it would be gone in a day, but as I said if you want to sell the canoe or play at it,
                  think what you will sell it for an go with it, you will be happy er than playing around with it that way you will be happy an the man /woman that buy's the unit will also happy no one got shafted an every one will be happy with the deal


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                    Must be slow this time of year. I've had a very clean 19' with lift posted on another site for 3 days at $1,200.00.
                    But you are right, the best deal is when both partys leave happy


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                      I think it's too early to get anxious buyers chasing your used 19'er. The middle of next month will have people looking and ready to buy, so they can get out on the river. The closer we get to hunting season, the more ready buyers will be.


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                        try this forum it might work better for you in selling the freighter, you just have nnot got to the right people becausr it is worth $1200 +
                        if it is in good shape you just need to let the people that use /want them know about it post it here they can use the money this forum is not run on just a wish an prayer ..roud: :topjob:


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