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Forum member Sid, an elder to us all. When he listen with two ears open

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  • Forum member Sid, an elder to us all. When he listen with two ears open

    Hello folks,

    I just wanted to let all forum members both new and old know that forum member Sid is one of the forum members here that contributes knowledge of subsistence canoeing from a time before mine. Likewise, I want to let all forum members know that some of the waters he once traveled, I've seen with my own two eyes decades later than he once did. In my culture I see it fit to treat the advice and knowledge of those before you with the utmost respect; he, foamsfollower, and VernAK to name a few. They've traveled vast stretches of river by some form of motorized canoe in Alaska before my time. When they listen.

    Best Regards,


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    Well said.


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      Very Well Said

      As an "old timer" I appreciate your sense of respect and admiration for your elders.That seems too often to not be the case anymore.I see way too many young bucks that think they know everything there is to know regardless of the subject matter.A sad fact of life that is indeed pathetic.
      I'm fairly new to the Forum culture,but I do try to make a positive contribution when I can.I am sure that I'll never know "it all" but I do know some things.And if some "old timer" has a suggestion to make I will always listen.Just by having lived longer than me,he deserves that chance to exchange thoughts and ideas.
      Wisdom is priceless..........


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        What an awesome thread Mainer!

        My dad always said "boy you have two ears, two eyes and only one mouth for a reason"
        Afflicted by condition human


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          I agree.. Sid, foams-follower, Vern ak, and kandik helped me get into my HB..
          OH and absolutely don't want to forget KK Alaska..


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