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  • scott albany in paint booth

    I have the freighter at the paint shop. Pics are at Check em out bob

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    Bob, you should have attached a link and some of Lou's photos. However, it can be hard to find the photo URL at times on some sights, so I fixed it for ya.

    Link to post


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      I see those pics as broken (not visible) on both this site and the duck boats site. Thanks for the link though Ray.


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        It might be a membership issue with cookies and what not. Those images are uploaded to the DHBP forum rather than loaded to a image share site.

        Let me know if you want to see them for reals and I can figure out a way to upload them here with a none breaking link...or something.


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          Thanks to AK Ray for fixing the photos. Just got back in town. Hope you folks like the color better. The boat was located near Detroit and I am near Chicago. I found the boat via a Craigslist search and posted the find here a few weeks ago. I was not interested in the boat because the seller wanted 25 hundred for it. To my surprise I found it again a week later on ebay for 1550.00 Buy It Now. Now im interested,talked to the warden and lifted the offer. Transaction was very smooth. This is truly a "little old lady only drove it to church on Sunday" story. An older fellow from a "substantial" Detroit suburb, purchased the boat new for fishing with his grandson and sorry to say, passed away before he was able to use it. It was stored in a barn for some years until the widow decided to clean out the husbands stuff. She asked the help on a person that was internet savvy and thats how I ended up with the boat. I did not dig the color because it is going to be used for duck hunting so I checked around and posted some questions on this site and in the end decided to paint it. I have been buying paint from Lou at Lock stock and Barrell for other projects including my 19 square grumman and it is great paint. Lous also a glass boat builder and has history at PPG. I posed the paint question to him and he felt that the paint would stick. I figured to paint the boat myself when I was telling Lou that the boat was near his shop. I asked Lou if he had anything going on right now and would he be interested in picking up the boat and painting it. A deal was struck and thats where I am so far. I did talk to the people at Scott Canoe and ordered decals so it looks showroom new. Bob


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            Boat is curing now. More pics on the other site. Im not talented enough to get them here. Hello AK Ray! Bob


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