fixing deep scratches on a scott HB ??



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    I have my freighter upside down at the moment,I have a lot of little scratches and 3-4 deep little pits/gouges. I'm a bit concerned about these,maybe I shouldn't be though.I'm going on my 3rd season with this freighter, do the glass freighters require alot of maintenance/ upkeep? Do most re-do the bottoms of there freighters every couple years? Any idea's of what that would cost to and repaint and repair the complete bottoms?Pat sent me gel coat repair with hardener and color match, it has directions but doesn't say what the temperature has to be, I also read somewhere that once repaired it should be covered with plastic wrap until it cures.Not sure if that is correct as my instructions don't state that.



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      Just follow the directions and no need to wrap. You should do it in a heated garage but put a 2x4 under the garage door and place a fan down there to blow out the stink. No extra heat required. If the scratches cut through the glass then you might want to put a small patch of cloth and resin over it before you gel-coat. Check with Pat but I think your HB is made of polyester resin not epoxy. You can get the cloth and resin at your local auto parts store. I hope to travel up there soon since I'm on week number 10 of a 6 week estimated delivery date on the JB. Maybe I could take a look if you haven't fixed it by then.


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        Originally posted by Boud'arc View Post
        You can get the cloth and resin at your local auto parts store.
        I'd check with Mainer on the best cloth to get. He's tried to 'splain it to me but only part of it made thru my thick noggin. There's (at least) two different kinds. I know I don't know but I know he knows.


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          I bought a 13-14' 1X4" ash ripped it to 1 X 2"'. Pre drilled the ash, tapered the front edge to 3/4", finished wood.

          Then cut spacers to set my drop from gunnell top to where I wanted spray hull on boat. Had aprox 5 clamps to hold
          spray rail to boat.

          Started in the back and drilled first hole, bolted it then, moved forward clamping using spacers, and bolts
          to bend rail around boat.

          Went back and siliconed all bolts and rail. Used 2 bolts at both ends ash did not want to bend lots
          of tension. Clamps,spacers,& pre drilling, and a good helper were key.


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            got all the little dings sanded and new gel coat applied,seemed to work ok. I am now going to order Kevlar strips and have them applied to the 3 keels on the HB.So they will be better protected and should avoid any more little pits and holes from those darn rocks and gravel


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              Just ordered the kevlar strips and all the resin and stuff from Scott.
              all 3 of my keels on the HB will be covered with kevlar,this should help alot on the rivers with alot of gravel


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