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Welding plastic boats

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  • Welding plastic boats

    I have not tried this method yet on the coleman/ ramX / Pelican canoes yet, but the method he uses in this video make sense. he is actually making a blend of the filler material and the existing material from the boat to make a very good weld.
    I am going to send for some of this welding rod and try it out on some of my old beater colemans ..
    Watch the video and you can see he knows his stuff ... it is really well done
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    I do Plastic welding all the time with an extrusion welder, the most important thing is to have the correct welding rod for the gun. I repair 4 wheeler fenders, RV water tanks, large grain totes, and make tanks out of HDPE to replace damaged RV water tanks. We tack the welds first with the hot air gun, then weld with extruded filler rod. It looks just like a metal weld, and works very well to do repairs. You can buy sample rod kits that have rod of all different types, you can weld with a propane torch if you take your time.


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      I have welded 4wheeler fenders, plastic snow machine skis and a coleman canoe with one of the old style soldering irons with very good luck. I try to find a spot that doesn't show to cut off some material for filler.


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