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  • Car topping a Scott Albany options / opinions -

    Have a great opportunity to buy an Albany (new, never in the water, $1750), to make it work for my family I will have to truck top it. Saw a couple of options on you tube, what do you think? I have a Thule roof rack that I carry an old town with, it seems like I could rig up something like this:

    I'm also interested in an Eide boat loader -

    Is the Albany to much of a beast to truck top? I would add wheels to the end to help move around.



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    Buy it, then buy a flatbed trailer

    Sure seems like a great deal. I'd recommend buying it, and I'd also recommend getting a light flatbed trailer to haul it with. I have an Albany, and I would not lift mine to shoulder height - I'm pretty sure that two of me could not lift that amount of weight that high.

    Also, with such weight, I'm just not sure it wouldn't rock, and come off the rack when you hit a bump/pothole with your car.

    I'm not saying don't buy it; its an incredibly fine canoe and will haul your entire family VERY safely. All your kids can look into the water on the same side when someone says "Hey, look at THAT" to something underwater, and it won't go over. :topjob:


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      Thanks - I was hoping that you would chime in -


      I have been searching and reading your Albany posts all week. I'm on the fence for sure, my family - wife, 3yr old, 2yr old - camp for a month at a time here under the lights. We live in Michigan, current rig is an Expedition, Scamp travel trailer 16ft, 16ft rolelex Old Town which is about 60lbs. I know this Albany is a steal, I would like to upgrade to a larger canoe with motor to fish some larger water - but to make it all work, I need to car top, until we are back in a tent. The Esquif rolelex cargo is a better option for my situation, but this Albany is local and a great price, just can't figure out a way to haul it with the camper.

      What is the length of the flatbed that you use?




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        flatbed for my Albany

        I use a 16' flatbed, but when I bought it initially I didn't have that one, so I put it on my single-place (small) ATV trailer, and that worked too. On my 16' flatbed, I can also bring a 4 wheeler on the front, in which case like 7' of the canoe is hanging off the back, and its still fine.

        I like my 16' flatbed for it. I put astroturf stapled into its decking, so I just back it into the water (keeping the hubs above water) and slide it off with one hand, which is good because I've got one wrist that is challenged. Also, I can load the rest of the flatbed with boat stuff, and tons of firewood, and lots of stuff if I'm bringing kids, like pavillion tent, camp chairs and tons of stuff to make them all happy.


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          the truck toppper would not hols the weight the MFG will tell you what it will hold so you will have to build a rack out of steel an have a small wench to pick it up to start it once one end is up there it should be fairley easy to push it on, when you pick it up by your self the canoe wants to roll on you, it is that way on the 19 ft grummen FT. a trailer would be the best,
          as for coming loose you tye it on 2 ways one with a strong rope [safty] an use rubber rope to stop it from moving around
          rubber rope is about 3/8 to 7/16 thick rubber one pice an you buy it by the foot an than Put hooks on as needed [ rubber rope is not bungee tie down's] it will last along time 10 plus years I still have some at 25 years


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            I agree, except:

            Originally posted by Sid View Post
            have a small wench to pick it up
            except that Large Wenches can lift more and cry less while doing it.


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              there are some boat loaders that go on trucks that go on top of the truck an don't set on the cap
              they look like it can handle 1000 + LBS could be home made , the Canoe Cadie that cabelars sells is not made for heavy canoes an one man operation, the canoe racks that you buy at diffetent stores are a little light, I but a pice os special pipe down the center of my pipe to reinforce it not easy but it can be done, [1 small rivet to hold it place],
              my canoe weights about 125 LBS when I am moving it, I have added weight to the bottom over time ....... [skid strips]

              if you build a rack your big box wear house's carry the small ATV wenches or a small boat wench will work [cheeper]


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