Video of Esquif Cargo Canoe




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  • Video of Esquif Cargo Canoe

    This is the first time I've actually been able to view the dimensions of this great canoe.
    The length of the canoe is perfect for maneuver with a paddle, the extra wide width means very little on a river due to the semi rounded hull. I'm imagining that this canoe will be absolutely phenomenal and responsive to a paddle.

    I would run this canoe up/down class ll with a moderate-heavy load. I would also not hesitate to run it down class lll sections with a light load.

    A 1400 lb. load would be possible with this canoe.

    Although the dimensions of this canoe are similar to my older Discovery Sport Canoes, the Cargo is capable of much higher performance for the following reasons:

    1. Stiffer Royalex Hull that's just as cabapble of handling violent impacts and abrasion.
    2. 3.5 inches of rocker at the bow and 1.5 inches of rocker at the stern allowing quicker turns with a paddle or motor
    3. NO KEEL, this will obviously improve safety during fast and rocky bends that require abrupt maneuver, and further improve the ability to maneuver a technical river.
    4. Semi round hull will improve flat water efficiency with a paddle, but the wider width will still provide great stability.

    These improvements over my other canoes along with knowledge and experience of the rivers I continue to run should provide a higher level of comfort. I NEED to get one of these cargos onto the upper sections of the Charley River with my new 12 hp copperhead motor. Don from Go-Devil Anchorage came over the other day, he's really impressed with the build quality of the Copperhead design. I finally received my Hull ID # so there's no troubles at the border when I return to AK in a few weeks with it on top of the truck with AK boat registration already on the hull.

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    Very nice canoe. What does is the price of one of these in Whitehorese?


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      Originally posted by RandyS View Post
      Very nice canoe. What does is the price of one of these in Whitehorese?
      They have an early bird quote if you order before they actually get shipped to Whitehorse. After it's all said n done, it's about $2000 American. 1600 on the east coast, but you have to factor in shipping costs and sales tax. Be sure to get the hull ID number before you drive out there.....that way it'll be registered in AK.


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        Is that quote of $1600 on the east coast recent? If so, can you tell me where? I've found that very few of the "dealers" actually have boats in stock.


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          I've never brought a canoe across the border from Canada....What is the deal with having the registration on the boat? Do they charge you a fee?


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