Driver comfort comparison: side-motor on double-ender VS square-stern canoe?




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  • Driver comfort comparison: side-motor on double-ender VS square-stern canoe?


    I've always paddled my canoes, but I keep getting older, and the family keeps growing bigger.
    So someday, we're gonna need a bigger canoe, and probably get an outboard.

    My question is; Which is more comfortable to drive?
    I'd rather stay facing forward as much as possible, rather than twist halfway around to work the tiller.

    Thanx, Dave.
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    square sterned canoes arent uncomfortable at all. If you keep your arm twisted behind does get uncomfortable. BUT......if you keep a tiller extension hooked to the motor, you can keep the tiller extension under your arm right into your hand, and it's the most comfortable way to run a canoe since it's hard to sit sideways on certain models. If you do can change between standing and sitting, and that's always a nice change to stretch your legs a bit. Side motor won't do much for yah up here, if this is where you plan to live. It's good to have a paddling canoe, and a motored canoe. The motored canoe can be controlled down river with a paddle, but doesn't glide too efficiently with a paddle on flat water. A paddling canoe with a motor hangin off the side aint the greatest set-up.


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      How large is the intended big canoe and how much power. I've used both quite a lot and like the side mount for double enders to 18' and not more than three HP. This outfit is intended mostly for lake travel.


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        HP and tiller extension

        Originally posted by VernAK View Post
        not more than three HP.
        Ya mainer is more in the 10-20 HP crowd for a canoe. Me too.

        Second that tiller extension suggestion; love mine, though I went over the top a little (happily) with the longest one that Carbon Marine sells online.


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          on large water you can sit down an run with a tiller, EXT. {long} on small water or shallow you need to stand to let you scope out the water in front of the canoe an under , also let you judge the water depth so you can use your lift to pick the motor up an slow down in the a lake or river [if the water is clear] you can read the water better if standing then siting [even dirty water]
          my 2 cts


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