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  • Where to canoe?

    Well I just picked up a old town frieghter for my wife, dog and I and all our gear.. Im picking up a 5 hrs Honda kicker, some vests and paddles and all I need now is to know where to go..

    Any ideas? Looking for weekend long trips only for right now until our canoe skills get up to speed. nothing higher than class II.

    Thanks for any help!

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    canoe trip

    Since you're in Delta, you should definitely check out the Clearwater. Put in at the campground on Jack Warren Rd. and float down to the lake. It is a good day trip. I've never done it myself because I normally go out Chena Hot Springs Rd. for my weekend trips, but I know several people who have done it. Nothing difficult, and not real long. Should be a good one for a starter trip.
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      where to go

      you can also continue on down the Delta Clearwater and into the Tanana where you can take out at the Bridge over the Rich. That will make it an over nighter though.



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        Tangle Lakes Area

        You'll have to check a map but there's lots of water you could cover down that way......

        You'd have to portage to make it through Tangle out to the Delta River but you could go quite a ways north then turn around and motor back to the campgrounds

        Nice fishing and beautiful scenery


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          Sc Ak

          Any suggestions for the Southcentral area for a beginner looking for a 2 or 3 day trip?


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            Swanson River Lakes?

            Originally posted by Hubb
            Any suggestions for the Southcentral area for a beginner looking for a 2 or 3 day trip?
            Take a look at the Swanson River Lakes on the Kenai. There are lots of lakes and marked portages.

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              Lil' Su

              Float the Little Su from Parks Hwy to Burma Landing. Long 2 days or comfortable three days with time to pick up a king. Did this myself last weekend.

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