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    Has Anyone Ever Used An Ally Pack Canoe. These Things Are Incredible. The One I Have Is 16.5 Feet Long, Holds 800lb, And Fits Into A Backpack That Weighs 46 Lb. I Flew Mine Up Here From Nc As Checked Luggage. I See Alot Of Stuff About Rafts Etc.. I Just Had To Mention How Amazing These Boats Are. The Hull Is Tarpualan. A Similar Material To The Hypaulan That Zodiac Rafts Are Made From. Tough As Nails. They Are Made By Bergans Of Norway And Imported To Us Through Cascade Crags In Washington. If You Are Looking For A Boat For Remote/fly In Trips, I Encourage You To Check Them Out. They Come In 15 Ft, 16.5, And 18 Ft Models. Two Piece Canoe Paddles, Expedition Repair Kits, Trapper Seats, Spontoons, Etc.. Are Also Available For Them By Bertrams Of Norway. I Used Mine On A Tributary Of The Noatak Last Aug And Going Back In The Noatak Area This Aug For 13 Days. Two Of My Buddies That Went Last Time Have Recently Bought Ally Canoes For Next Trip.used The World Over For Expeditions. Just Had To Pass It On!
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    I've got a Pak Canoe, similar to the Ally Pack, and really like it. It's a 16.5' as well and has about the same payload and weight. Great for packing in or flying in.


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