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  • looking for a canoe

    hey everyone well I want to start hunting from a canoe and really would like a square stern to put a little outboard to traverse the smaller streams up north. can anyone tell me where a dealer is or the best place to buy one? I live in fairbanks have seen some in paper but would really like to compare new ones to old. Does anyone have ideas or opinions about the better square sterns with a large weight capacity. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Not sure exactly what you are looking for but I saw this at Fred Meyers in Wasilla yesterday. http://www.coleman.com/coleman/colem...tegoryid=66001


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      type of canoe

      well i was actually looking for an aluminum type frieghter canoe, but i cant seem to find anywhere to buy one.


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        Freighter Canoe Dealer

        I live here in Fairbanks. There are a couple places to go. When I was shopping for my canoe OK Lumber was the Grummind dealer. Look carefully at this brand. It is narrow and they are using a thinner guage aluminum than they did in the old days. Then there is The Boat Shop. They do not discount much, if at all. I wanted to buy a canoe (Osage 17' freighter) and a motor (Johnson 15 horse) and a motor lift. They would only discount 100.00 dollars If I bought everything there. So I bought elsewhere. Go to the Osage website and request a price list before you go there for prices, you will be amazed. There is a Osage canoe and Merc 15 horse in the newspaper for 2300.00 dollars. That is close to what you will pay for a new Osage canoe from The Boat Shop. If you have any questions PM me. Then I can go into more detail. (Read the rules no dealer bashing).



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          Also look at

          The old towne sport boat and square stern predator......


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            wiso 67

            pm sent



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              r u still lookn?

              Old Town 17 ft Discovery Canoe. Excellent condition with two adult life vests, two seat floatation’s w/ built in backs, two paddling ores, two rowing ores, anchor, and brand new 2006. Never used! Honda 4 stroke, 5 hp motor. Selling only as package for $2750.00. if interested email david.luntz@hotmail.com


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                Last time I was on http//:anchorage.craigslist.org under the boats there were a few canoes for sail.



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                  There's an interest looking vessel on the AKmining and diving site called a Cheenoe. (used boats)
                  I tend to use more than enough gun


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                    "freight canoe" is a rather ambiguous term here in Alaska but I think most folks start by calling a 19' Grumman a freight canoe.....I would certainly call anything smaller a "square stern canoe".....some may disagree....I grew up in canoe country of MN and hunted and fished across Canada in canoes....those folks know what freight canoes are and they are still quite popular in Eastern Canada because of their ease of propulsion and carrying capacity.....see www.scottcanoe.com....they make very good canoes upto 23+ feet of fiberglass with carrying capacities of thousands of pounds...probably more than you were looking for....the 19' Grumman [not sure if it's still made] would probably be sufficient for your use and still handle upto 10HP.....they will carry two guys a medium camp and a butchered moose in relatively calm rivers.....someplace, I have 40 year old photos of myself and a 55" butchered bull w/hide in a 17' square stern and 4HP motor as I traveled 40 miles up the North Sakatechewan River....and another of three of us and camp gear plus an Arctic Cat Panther in a 21 foot Chestnut breaking ice across the North Saskatechwan River at Cumberland House....
                    Moose hunting in slow rivers of North Saskatchewan was teh most fun I ever had hunting moose....great sport...I hope you can find one to suit your needs...please PM if I can help....Vern


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                      freight canoe for hunting


                      I agree with VernAK....The "OLD" Grumman 19' freighters are excellent for hunting up here. The new versions - still titled Grumman - are made by the Marathon Boat Group which has thinned the aluminum sheet used to form the hulls...they do , however, offer replacement parts, such as thwarts, that fit the original 19 footers. I looked for an OLD boat and found one... with a perfect hull...made in 1978 ...replaced all 3 thwarts with new ones...added a lift and a 15hp Yamaha 2stroke....My preference is for a quality old boat, but a new motor. I'm very happy with the rig...great for those small, log-jammed rivers that most people avoid.

                      An indespensible necessity - a Rockhopper guard for the prop and the lower-end....Makes those underwater obstacles no big deal...the motor just tilts and slides right over them.


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                        Ollking for a canoe

                        I have an older (not sure of the year) Grumman Freighter canoe for sale. It has a square stern with motor lift on it. I believe it was one of the larger canoes manufactured by this company. Excellent shape. Hardly used. A friend who knows lots about canoes says it is worth $1200. It is located at our cabin currently. Will bring it down the river into Anchorage in May. Anyone interested let me know.


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                          Looking for a canoe

                          Just got the details from my Dad at the cabin. It is a model G19S by Grumman (the 19' model). rated for 7.5 hp engine. 5 person capacity. 1135 Maxweight capacity. If interested I will be up at the cabin this next week, I can take some photos and post.


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                            I have a Grumman G19Sfor sale. Let me know if you are interested.


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                              I had a 19' Grumman (newer one) for several years. I used it on both the Chena and the Tanana, and it worked well for what I wanted. I sold it last fall after hunting season, but I still have the 8 hp Johnson (for sale) that I ran on it. A lift is a must have. I got the lift at the Boat Shop in Fairbanks....don't know if they still have them or not. I've heard of guys running motors up to 15 horse on these canoes, but the 8 horse had all the power I ever needed. I hauled myself, my son, and a friend up the Chena with all the stuff we needed to build a bear stand. Also took it up/across the Tanana many times with a full load going to and from moose camp. As long as you know your limitations and keep in mind that a canoe isn't going to handle like a regular boat, you can go just about anywhere you want.
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