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  • Turnagain Arm Canoe Trip

    Recently I read an archived article about some guys that, in 1998 did a canoe trip in the Turangain Arm - camping on some sand bars that are generally not flooded at high tide, stayed the night, and then returned the next day.

    Does anyone have any experience canoeing in the arm - I understand beyond dangerous and I don't plan to do it, but I am interested for a book project I am workiing on in speaking with anyone with real experience canoeing in these kinds of waters.


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    The short answer is that it is done, but people have died doing it. You even see people out surfing the bore tide in a kayak. No point in doing it on the north side as that is all accessible by road. The south side can be done, but only at high tide give or take an hour. The problem is the shear walls along the arm, and trying to get out once the tide starts moving out quickly you need to be in the mouth of Seattle Creek or Six-mile Creek, etc.. There are other places to get out, it is not all shear wall or creek mouth, but get out one must.


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