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Border requirements for boats

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  • Border requirements for boats

    I'm looking for some experience from anyone that purchased a boat in Canada and brought it across the border. New boat, used trailer and I tried to register the trailer with the Bill of Sale so I could throw the plate on it when I picked it up. I found out I had to get a Customs Doc at the border first. Will I need anything more than the bill of sale for the trailer and title/bill of sale for the boat to get past Customs and get into AK. Thanks

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    You could try contacting US customs at the ALCAN entry. Heres a link.


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      If you can avoid buying anything in Canada and trying to get it into the US... do so. It is a royal PITA. You will never get a straight story from all the different federal agents that you'll have to wade through to get clearance.

      If there is an outboard motor, they won't allow it in. The motors sold in Canada, even though exactly the same as the one you'd buy here, don't have a USA EPA sticker on them. Therefore they are illegal for use in our country.

      Yes. Been there as a 1st hand witness to our government stupidity. Customs & EPA wouldn't let a Honda 4-stroke 50hp outboard it come due to lack of the US EPA certification sticker (that is applied at the factory in Japan, based on destination). Had to send it back at a substantial loss of cash and wasted time.
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        I've done it a couple times....boat motor and trailer.....had hassles.....but got it done....Joat is correct as the rules change with the shift change.


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          Fabulous- I went to the Customs website before I submitted my original post but couldn't find a black and white answer. I'll try calling them tomorrow but I have a feeling I'll be rolling the dice when I get there. I'm not bringing a motor back so I have that goig for me. Maybe I'll have the Wife bake a couple dozen cookies for em. I'll make sure there is an FDA approved sticker on the jar. Thanks for the replies


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            boats across the border.

            I've been thinking about this, and have a solution that would work for me, if I were to buy a Scott from Kanoe people.

            Have someone drop you in Whitehorse, along with your outboard, and then take a great trip down the Yukon, ending at Circle City or the Yukon River bridge. Still have to check in with customs at Eagle, but shouldn't be much of a hassle.

            Just a thought.


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              Scott at Kanoe People may have an answer for you as far as the canoe....My Yamaha motors had no duty......nor a Lund boat but trailer had no USA certifications but made it regardless....

              I stopped at Alcan on teh way to Whitehorse and asked senior officer.....wrote it all down....without that I would have had a tough time...


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                VERNAK- what exactly did you get from the officer at the Border in writing that helped you out? Thanks for all the replies-the Yukon trip would be a blast but I'm trying to get back quick to maintain a bait site. I'm planning on heading for Whitehorse around the 10th of May.


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                  I simply told him what I was buying in Whitehorse and got his name and rank.....he was the senior officer at the time, a major, I think. He looked in a couple books and I referenced those. Be sure that any bill of sale is in your name as you can't transport for others unless you have a power of attorney etc.


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                    Canadian Honda Motors

                    One thought to keep in mind. If you buy a Honda motor from Canada.
                    When the dealer in Alaska enters the S/N the motors sale origin
                    will pop up. A Canadian motor has no warranty in Alaska.
                    Is it worth the savings.


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                      buying motor LCL

                      Madboater- not sure if the question was directed to me but I'm not buying a motor in Canada. I did find out that a 90 day temp registration for the trailer can be purchased with the Bill of sale which I was not informed of the first time I went to the DMV. It sounds like a Bill of sale, the MFG title or equivelant (some provinces only register and don't use titles) and a customs doc which is provided at the Border. I guess the Customs Doc is an inspection to verify the trailer is U.S. DOT compliant. All this should get me thru and be able to pick up the perm registration at my friendly LCL DMV. I'll find out in about 3 weeks


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                        Not a boat, but I bought a 1971 Toyota Carona Mk II in Whitehorse in '86 or '87. Brought it back with no hassles. But that was also a used and older vehicle. I remember something about newer stuff having different standards applied.

                        I think that there was a 10% duty, at that time, (on the older stuff), but there's been lots happen since then.

                        That's all that I can tell you.


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