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Esquif cargo canoe

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  • Esquif cargo canoe

    A friend just bought a 17' esquif cargo canoe, looks like a very nice little freighter.Looks nice and wide and deep, capacity 1100lbs,but was told 1500lbs not out of the question.anyone use one of these canoes?

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    Their web site specs and photos look like a nice square stern canoe.....I really think 1500 pounds would be a very excessive load. It doesn't appear to have the sturdiness of a real freight canoe like the Scott. The hanging seats don't really add much strength. I didn't see if it had a keel [s] which I prefer for most lake running.

    How much do they sell for?


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      the sell for about $2000m canadian


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        That looks to be a very nice canoe. It's extememly similiar to what I have. What makes that one a better canoe than what I have is that it is made of royalex, and has seats situated to allow the use of a yoke. It will easily handle a moose with no problem. 16 inches is quite a depth for a canoe, and 44 inches is quite the width also. Should be a darn versitle boat, that's for sure! Should manuever alot quicker than mine because it's lacking a stern. Royalex is made for abuse.


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          meant to say keel......not stern. working for 19 hours straight is the blaim for that one! Either that or biting too many lead sinkers onto fishing line.


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