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  • Canoe Moose Hunt [old photo]

    Attached is a 60s era photo from a moose hunt on the North Saskatchewan River. The guide has the antlers, hide/cape and quarters in his 17' square stern pushed by 3.5 Johnson. I'm at the helm of my 16' Chestnut with side mount and 3.5 Evinrude Duck Twin and all the camp gear and fuel are in my canoe.

    I think we took twenty gallons of fuel and motored in 40 miles before making camp. We hunted 4-5 days from the quiet wood canoe and saw many moose before selecting this nice bull. A very exciting way to hunt as we got very close to a lot of animals and were able to load full quarters into the canoe.

    I recently found this poor 35 mm slide and had it put on a disk with several others so the quality is lacking.
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    LOTS of freeboard here

    So this was taken in the early to mid eighties. My uncle is the one in the canoe and I'd guess the freeboard to be not more than 2 inches.
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      thrill seekers

      That is awesome...
      what a couple of thrill seekers..
      better not sneeze
      When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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        never again

        One time I loaded my boat so heavy I had no freeboard to speak of (meaning, twice what that picture showed). I'll never do it again.


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          Those old photos are great! You should somehow archive them or take them to a photographer....just awsome photos. I have an old pic of my grandfather (1950ish) standing beside a large bull moose hanging in a tree with a little 30-30 model 94 in his hand. He was wearing one of those red and black checkered wool hunting jackets. Those photos have sparked some interest in some homemade full length ethafoam sponsons to attach to the sides of my freighters. Even though the Hulls are extremely flared and the boats have great capacity......what if I motored past a stranded hunting party when my freighter was already loaded down with moose? Boats do break down. I recently called a company from California which specialize in Ethafoams of different density, composition, and colors. They told me what would be best for my application and I'm trying to order up a ton of it. I think a sponson that is about 6"x4" with beveled finished edges that went almost the full length of the sides of a freighter would be a good thing for keeping freeboard when over loaded. What do all of you think of this idea? I'll post pics of my project when I get home in May.


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            That may be the cat's meow.....good idea!.....A friend had an Old Town Canoe with sponsons [cork, I think] and they were an aid for extreme loads but also when caught in rougher water. Yet, sponsons don't effect hydrodynamics for normal use. The sponsons should not extend far enough foreward and aft to interfere with the paddle stoke.

            Please post some photos if you do this.....Thanks....Vern
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              I have a Duck Twin that I use each fall I think it is from 1960 or so. bob


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                Yes Bob.....I think I bought mine in 63...still have it and had it rebuilt by a guy that specializes in old OMC motors......the weedless drive was a real asset.....Vern


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