freighter better than jon boat??



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  • freighter better than jon boat??

    I'm about to order a 21' hudson bay freighter by scott canoe,just curious anyone has moved to a freighter after having something like a 18' flat bottom river jon boat.They seem to be very similar in cost with a hudson bay with trailer and 20hp, and a lowe 16'-18' flat bottom with with a 30hp.anyone no how they compare as an all around boat,hunting fishing etc....The freighter oviuosly carries more weight,but what about the fishing factor and durability.
    This is a great site with tone of information.


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    same here

    Grit: I'll be headed your way soon; same reason. I think you'll get a variety of responses here, "depending".... Hard to compare, really. I've had a Grumman 19' freighter, and jet boats. They do different things IMO. From what I have gathered, though, the HB is a very stable craft and should do most anything a jon will do. They are 'glass, though, so need a different mentality when using. Enjoy your new boat. j


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      I don't know how to compare them. I have both jon boats and a 24' freighter (also a 19' Grumman). Provided you are not trying to carry a moose 150 miles upriver in warm weather, the HB freighter will do everything. It is a far more versatile and safer boat. Neither one likes rocks, but the freighter is very stable and will handle big and nasty water. The 16' jon boat is for flat water and has very little load capacity. It is faster.

      I use jon boats for long distances because life is short and meat spoils, but running a freighter canoe is much more fun than running a jon boat. With a canoe, you have time to look around. With a jon boat on step, I spend most of my time watching the water.


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        All depends ?

        I picked up a used 21' HB last summer. It was fun for a while.
        As long as I stayed in deep water it was great. But I run up river and
        hate to stop just because I'm down to 4-6" of water.
        I have gone back to a nimble 16' flat with tunnel and a 50/35 Jet.
        It dosen't have the weight capacity but it can get into some skinny places. Just depends are where you go.


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          There are boats out there more advanced and better suited to shallow water than a Freighter. But there is just something addictive about running a nostalgic old freighter. It's mesmorizing. It was Alaska's old technology, considered by most to be outdated and sensless. The super shallow model boats are great machines but I'll stick to my little freighter canoes as will most of the guys on this forum. We still fill our freezers with fish, and moose. If the going gets too shallow.....I'll find a way to deal with it becuase I'm truly addiceted to canoes.


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