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  • late spring canoe trip

    I am looking to take a canoeing trip beginning in mid-May. I'm considering the Yukon river and the Fortymile among others. I have about two-weeks to complete the trip. A couple of one-day layovers are desirable, so float time of about 8-10 days is my target. Portages are undesirable, and rapids will be lined. The trip is recreational, however we plan to do some fishing. Paddle power only. I've not yet bought the canoes, so I'm flexible there. Any suggestions?

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    you might look at birch creek, there are some rapids, but they can be lined.

    however, with birch creek and the 40 mile, watch water levels.

    do a search on this forum for the 40 mile. if you aren't going into canada on the 40 mile then you are pretty much ok, but again do a search and read previous posts on the 40 mile.

    the yukon would certainly fit your desires.


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      Beaver Creek from the Nome Creek put-in to Victoria is also near the top of my list. Sounds like a nice easy float through great surroundings with plenty of side hikes. Does anyone know when the creek should be expected to break up? I am looking to start the trip around May 20th.


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        not sure about 40 mile i think its about the same latitude but did may is pretty early for anykind of boat travel on the yukon. not saying it isnt possible but just breakup dendent. do your homework this spring before you spend the gas money. might have to dodge some icebergs at best.


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