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  • Grant Lake access

    Does anyone know if its possible to get a canoe w/motor from the Seward Highway up Grant Creek to Grant Lake? If not under power, how about lining it? And wold it be possible for mimimally experienced old guy to float back out? Or line canoe back out without heart failure?


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    It is not possible - only way is to portage up and back as there are waterfalls on the creek. It not real far, but its not very easy to do.


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      USE A FLOT TUBE OR SMALL CAT to go fishing it will be a lot better an not as hard to get there


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        Grant Creek is very fast water, lots of sweepers and big rocks, shoreline extremely brushy, then shoreline disappears completely going through a gorge as it nears the lake and a large waterfall. I wouldn't consider it floatable at all especially in a float tube. Years ago there was a decent trail that went upstream aways from the creeks terminus into the Trail Lakes sytem but it's completely overgrown now. Good fishing in the creek but the going is very tough.


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          Grant lake

          In the old days we simply 4 wheeled across the tracks, upon reaching the other side take a right and go about 200 yds to the trail that goes right over the top and directly to the lake. Once on the lake we'd go to the old homestead on your right and jump in the red coleman that was always left tied to shore there. You only had to bring your own paddle!
          Don't go there to fish, water's too cold, no fish!
          I say "in the old days" as the greeneys have flocked the place and now even have a log book in the old cabin.


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            If fishing is your intent, your efforts likely will yield only frustration. My sis-in-law while working for fisheries div. of ADF&G, did some gill net fish surveys of that lake some years ago. It is nearly devoid of fish with exception to a very sparse population of small, golden fin dollies.


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