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Coleman RamX quality?

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  • Coleman RamX quality?

    I don't know much about canoes and their quality, but I've always wanted one that I can fish from with my kids like I did with my grandpa when i was young. I live in eastern NC and don't intend on whitewater or long trips. Just a few hours to explore a quiet creek or wet a line out on the rivers. I have been offered a 16' Coleman RAMX as a trade, and I'm wondering how they paddle and ease of handling. My kids are young and may not be too helpful paddling for a few years. Any insights would be helpful. Utimately, I'd like to put a side mount and little motor on it. How well do those side mounts work? Recommendations? How much should a guy lay out for a 16' RAMX anyways?

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    they are good, tough boats. they have been paddled down just about any river in alaska that one can get a hardshell into.

    look it over, make sure that the plastic isn't too badly worn along the botton, especially in the keel.

    look at the alum. gunwhales and keel, eyeball them to make sure they are not pretzel shaped. its not unusual for the keel tube to be a bit bowed.

    follow coleman's recommendations re a kicker.

    as far as pricing goes, find a local store and see what they cost new. i wouldn't pay any more than 50% for a coleman.


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      Good canoes, used extensively (and probably under conditions that they were never intended for) in Alaska. The old ones (with the aluminum frame) are better. I've owned 2 in the past, and kicked myself for getting rid of them. My main hunting partner and I are getting another one in a trade this spring.
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