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Old Town Discovery Sport 17.5ft. for Moose Hunting

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  • Old Town Discovery Sport 17.5ft. for Moose Hunting

    The canoe and motor was doing about 11mph on they way back. 9mph. with 87octane mix. 2mph. difference with high octane mix. was running a six horse.
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    Sweet, thanks for sharing. Looks like a BLR in the photo, cant think of a better canoe gun.


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      hey Tom, you are right. The rifle is a blr. It's been by my side since i bought i new in 04. The rifle is light and very accurate. It prints 3/4" groups with the 1-5 power burris. it's chambered in 358 winchester which is basically a 308 necked up to 358 caliber. it put the young bull down with one shot. the bullet didnt hold up well because it hit the big shoulder bone. It seperated from the core. It was a 200 grain horandy interlock. according to the wound channel the bullet was doing great until it hit the shoulder bone on the opposite side. I'll probably shoot 250 grainers next time.


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        .358 is a good caliber, no fly's on the interlocks either. Do you have any pics of the canoe loaded? I have a 13' discovery I use when hunting solo. I have always wondered if I could get a processed moose and me in there.


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