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  • Passport

    Does anyone know if ill need a passport from Canada to Alaska?

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    Beginning June 1, 2009 you will.

    Originally posted by Canoejunkie View Post
    Does anyone know if ill need a passport from Canada to Alaska?
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      The way things are now i suggest everyone that is gonna travel anywhere get them. They are going to be reequired for so many things. Pay the bucks they are good for 10 years and then your never in doubt.
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        The Passport is most beneficial when re-entering the US....especially if one of your group is foreign born.

        I always carry my Passport and Canadian Firearms PAL [possession and acquisition license] just makes life easier, usually......US and Canadian Customs and Immigration staffs have been increased dramatically so you will often encounter officials that are in training or poorly the rules often change with the shift change.


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          make sure everyone has a valid passport. the days of a driver's license being good enough are long gone.

          do a google and find the phone number of the US customs house at beaver creek. ask them about the procedure for entering via float down the yukon. in the past one had to check in at the eagle post office. but, with all the tourists getting shuttled from dawson to eagle and the reverse, they probably have new procedures.


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