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  • decent canoe prices

    Can you get a decent canoe for around 150 - 200 bucks?? I've always wanted to get my own. Tired of renting. And whats the big difference of a 200 dollar one vs a 600 dollar one??
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    The big diffrence is quality of construction and/or if it is new or used.
    It ain't about the # of pounds of meat we bring back, nor about how much we spent to go do it. Its about seeing what no one else sees.


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      probably your best bet is a coleman. they are tough and cheap.


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        Various things

        Originally posted by goingwest View Post
        Can you get a decent canoe for around 150 - 200 bucks?? I've always wanted to get my own. Tired of renting. And whats the big difference of a 200 dollar one vs a 600 dollar one??
        A couple of the main differences you will find will be durability (materials used) and weight. Some of those cheaper canoes are just **** heavy and difficult to move around with just one person. If you have multiple people and don't intend to portage it or have a need to carry it very far, then that may not be an issue. With durability, again, that really depends on the intended use. If you need something for hunting where you are going to be throwing a bunch of heavy loads in it or plan to take it somewhere where you need to drag it over gravel/rocks/logs all the time, you probably want to put a little more money into something that has some better materials that are going to hold up to that kind of use. If you are just going to paddle around the lakes with the kids, you won't need that kind of strength.


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          Moving thru water

          Shape of the hull and the material it is made from will determine how much energy is required to move the canoe in the water.
          You will find that some canoes will glide thru the water and require less energy than some other types of canoes.
          All canoes are not created equal.
          deciding what you are going to use the canoe for will help in making the decission.
          Can you get a canoe for under $200 bucks?
          sure.. and you can get good used canoes for that price..
          first though think about what your needs would be.
          1. How many people or gear will normally be in the canoe? Load capacity.
          2. will the canoe be portaged? weight of canoe?
          3. What type of water will I want to paddle? Moving rivers, or lakes?
          4. Repair of canoe. can I do the repairs myself, such as Fiberglass, or polyethylene or Royalex, or even Kevlar or Carbon.
          5. Experience, do I need a canoe that has good initial stability but is slower to paddle?, or do I need a canoe that can travel long distances with less effort, but is has less initial stability?

          A coleman style canoe in the 15.5 footer size is rated for 750 lbs.
          A Old town Camper in 16 foot size is rated at over 900 lbs.
          you can get the load ratings from websites of the manufactures easy enough if its not readable in the canoe itself.

          Now with a little idea about what type of canoe that will fit my needs, I am ready to start looking.
          Watching the paper, the ad's here, places like craigslist, big boy toys, etc.
          When you see what looks like a good deal, move quickly to determine if the boat is what you are looking for.
          I have had good success over the years purchasing canoes from people that just have not used the canoe for several years and are willing to part with it for much less than its original cost.
          Its not a bad idea to run an ad that you are looking for a canoe.
          I have done this also and have had many calls from folks that were not planning on selling the canoe, but when the idea came up, they called and I have gotten great deals on great canoes this way..
          Once I went to a garage sale and bought a nice glass canoe that had been kept in a covered garage for years. It was in mint condition and for under $200 bucks I took it home.
          If you find a canoe that you are not familiar with, get the model number and make. look it up online, and you will be surprised at how much information you may find. Many canoe designs are timeless. The model may still be in active production even though its design may be 100 years old..
          good canoe hunting

          here are some things I would look for myself if I were in the market for a nice used canoe.
          When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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