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16 foot aluminum freighter available 4 under a grand

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  • 16 foot aluminum freighter available 4 under a grand

    Any bets how long this canoe is on the market? It posted to craigslist this morning. Bet its sold by tomorrow!

    (note: if the link doesn't give you a good page, that likely means its sold)

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    I don't know...

    That same add had been on CL for a few weeks. The guy either has a dozen of them in various conditions or he is all over on prices. Skeptical guy I am, but if not, a heck of a deal.


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      I suspect it's a Grumman Sport Boat which I don't consider a freight canoe.....I may be wrong.

      A grumman Sport Boat is the front 15' [+-] of a 19' square stern Grumman canoe.


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        If I recall, the 15' Grumman is a lot wider that the 19' freighter. I built a lift for one long ago and had to custom it; I thought the beam was about 10" wider, but it has been a few decades since I've seen one.


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          He says it's 3 1/2 feet wide at the stern. That's 42 inches. It sounds like a nice unit.
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            he also says "if you dont know what one is dont bother" sounds like a jerk to me and i wouldnt deal with him.


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              jerk, or....

              maybe just a guy who has sold a lot of stuff and does not want to spend time yakking w/ tire kickers. I often feel like saying similar things when I sell stuff, but I know better. Shoot, someone might call me a jerk! (Teasing. I know what you mean, rat.)


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                oh i know all about being called a jerk . i doubt hes sold alot of stuff judging from his post. true salesmen know how to "kiss some butt" its a mandantory practice in the salesworld . glad i got out of it long ago.


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                  No Chitina?

                  So name calling happens to you, too? ****. I thought it was just my wife at me; glad to have company. Yeah, if you want to sell stuff, you really need to act like a customer is not just a major PITA. Folks are gonna ask questions, and be stupid, 'cause that is how we are. My "burn out" has happened over spending a long half hour showing a guy something in great detail, (has happened many times, too) then hearing "Let me talk to my wife." Screw thunder, man, do that BEFORE you come over! If you don't want the **** thing, just say so after 10 minutes and we'll all go home happy. "Tact" is the answer. Like I tell my older sister: "You can tell someone you'd rather not he did thus and such, or you can be yourself and say you're going to non-surgically and violently remove his testicles if he even THINKS about it." You gotta make your point according to your personality.


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