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  • Old Town repair?

    I have seen a few threads on canoe repairs but thought I would ask again for the latest... I have an old town made of Royalex and it has a few cracks more so on the inside. Besides what Old Town sells, I was wondering if there would be something a little better to maybe just coat the entire inside with, like Rhino lining or something like that.

    Anyone try this or something like it? Or should I just rely on Old town? Thanks.


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    Years ago when they first started with the Royalex material they had some problems with expansion and contraction that resulted in a few problems. infact, they used to ask you to loosen the gunwales a little during the winter months when the water tightened up.
    The gunwales would not give and the material would crack at these points. I have never witnessed cracks in the bottoms or insides of these boats before, so this is an interesting thread.
    My suggestion would be to take some photos of these cracks. put your digital on Macro and get some close ups. then strick up a conversation with the good folks at Old Town and have them give you there suggestion for repairs.
    My self I would not want to add the weight of the rhino hide material yet.
    your canoe is light and good for portage.
    I have no beef with the bedliner material at all.. I have used it on many royalex boats for keel protection, and it holds great. The problem with the bedliner material is that when they spray it, it has a mininmum thickness, and it will add some weight if you entertain doing the entire inside of the canoe... but ,, It will for sure stick and hold if you prep it right..
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      Good old shoe goo

      I called old town and they basically said I needed to buy the patch material kit ($66) or the 2 part epoxy for $10. But here is the kicker... They won't ship to Alaska direct. I also looked at West Marine, they sell the same stuff so I can just go there if I want. REI and Sportsman sell the canoes but no real repair stuff.

      But since I seem to use shoe goo for a lot of other stuff and a buddy of mine uses like duct tap with great results I figured why not. so I used a putty knife and pushed it into the cracks, left in my garage for a day and half then covered it with the new wonder tape, Gorilla tape. $14 bucks later and it seems to be holding quite well. Won't know for sure until breakup but I am sure it'll work for what I am wanting the canoe for. Given I bought he canoe used for $60 I don't want to put to much into it.

      Thanks for the response, I'll let you know how it works out.


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